60 Days of Sex Challenge

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Eleven years and our marriage had gone through a lot and yet the pain we endured didn’t have to be there forever.

So on a fateful day Tony & Alisa began an adventure that would forever change their lives.

Since this first show came out we have had listeners from all over the world take on the 60 Days of Sex Challenge.

Many of them have even surpassed us.

What’s even better is that their marriages and the love they have for one another has blossomed.

Get ready as Tony & Alisa share their insights from the 60 Days of Sex Challenge and how you can began your own challenge.

We encourage you to check out what make ONE Extraordinary Marriage Different as you begin your journey to the extraordinary marriage you desire.

Get ready as there is much ahead, but we know if you are intentional about your marriage and take action there will be breakthrough as well as transformation in your life.

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