13 Steamy NEW Sex Positions for An Entire Summer of Good Sexin’

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The Summer Solstice on June 20th is the first official day of summer. I know, there’s no way it wasn’t justwinter, but my calendar definitely isn’t lying. Summer is coming and we must brace ourselves for the longest day of the year. Exciting right?

The lightning bugs, the barbeques, the sun bathing — you just can’t beat those highlights. But on the other hand, staying on top of the sweat and the temperature is a big factor in the changing of seasons.

Now, there’s no need to get down and out with the heat; believe me, I live in the desert and it’s not worth the worry. We all knew it was coming, so it’s time to take a stand with summer, not against it. See past the humidity and triple-digit temperatures, take advantage of the long days, and switch your coffee beverage of choice to iced; we are ready to make the best of it.

And now it’s your turn to go wild and run free with these awesome sex positions that will get you ready for summer.

There’s no reason not to get adventurous this season, even if there’s no vacation planned. In fact, these adventurous moves can be done in the comfort of your own home. So kick off your shoes (or don’t) and listen up.

We-Vibe is excited to share these sex positions to steam up your summer. From taking it easy, to getting hot and heavy in the kitchen, to cooling down again in the shower, these positions will give you everything you could ever want and put some umph in your summer romances.

You will be thanking us for some of the most thrilling ideas, so put these in your schedule and get ready to learn these 13 HOT sex positions. It certainly beats sitting in the sun all day with the chances of getting skin cancer. Forget that! You should stay in and start sifting through this informative gallery..

sex positions

1. Lap of Luxury

Sit on a bed or floor facing each other. Have your partner lean back and raise her legs onto your shoulders. Vary the angle of insertion to find the best position for both of you.

sex positions

2. The Scissors

With your partner lying on her back, you interlock your legs with hers and rise to a seated position. She can raise her hips to find the best angle, and you can both vary between slow insertion and side-to-side movements.

sex positions

3. Spoon Until You Swoon

Both partners lie on their sides in spooning position and he enters her from behind. The closeness of this position allows for lots of intimacy.

sex positions

4. The Embrace

With both partners sitting facing each other, she wraps her legs around him and both partners move slowly and smoothly, enjoying the intimacy of this position.

sex positions

5. Topsy Turvy

With her on her back and him on his knees, she lifts her legs and rests them on his shoulders. For increased friction, she can extend and cross her legs.

sex positions

6. Up Against the Wall

With her back against the wall for added pressure and support, he lifts her and she wraps her legs around him. Venture outside the bedroom and explore different parts of the house to try this one.

sex positions

7. Kitchen Quickie

Heat things up in the kitchen! WIth her sitting on the kitchen table, she wraps her legs around his waist while he stands and enters her. The table provides support while the couple can explore different positions.

sex positions

8. Cross Your Heart

She lies on her back with a pillow under her head, pulling her knees to her chest and crossing her legs. Up on his knees, he enters her and both partners enjoy the extra tension from her crossed legs.

sex positions

9. Easy Rider

He lies on his back while she sits on top facing backward. Partners can find the unique angle that works best for both of them, and he can enjoy taking in the view!

sex positions

10. Elevated Pressure

She lies on her back, arching her back to elevate her pelvis. While he is up on his knees, he enters her using firm movement for intense stimulation.

sex positions

11. Get Your Kicks

She lies on her side, using her arm to prop herself up. With him on his knees, he straddles one of her legs, while holding the other perpendicular to his chest and enters her slowly.

sex positions

12. Getting Frisky

With both partners standing, she should raise her arms up and spread her legs. He can enter her from behind, grasping her wrist or waist for increased pressure.

sex positions

13. Hot and Steamy

For this position, hit the showers! With both partners standing and using the wall for extra support, she can lift leg for easier entry while he uses his legs to support her weight.

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