How to Harness the Power of Your Sexual Energy In 7 Steps

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Your orgasm can do more than just make you feel good temporarily.

For most, sex is a stress release mechanism — a sprint with a pleasurable finish line. But what happens if you add magic to it?

Magic is the art of transformation. When you combine the power of sexual energy with the power of transformation, you get a powerful tool to bring forth change. You can use sex magic to create or change anything, from relationships, income, health, and world peace.

Learning how to have better sex does not have to be nebulous, mystical, or complicated.

Sex is the most powerful technique for bringing us back home to our body. Sexual energy is the powerful life force energy. After all, that’s how babies are made, right? So imagine for a second what it would be like to use this super-charged energy to add force towards a goal, whether personal or interpersonal.

Use your sexual energy to manifest your heart’s desires.

Technically, what that means is that your sexual energy is a fuel, your orgasms are the spark and by consciously directing this energy you can light any area of your life on fire.

Use it to burn through limitations, judgments, resentment, and whatever is holding you back. Use it to bring forth light, healing and hope, through love and pleasure.

So, how do you harness this magic? Here the 7 steps you need to take:

  1. Block out some time in your calendar. Make it special, whether it’s a 30-minute block of time or 2 hours — you need to create the container for the magic to unfold.
  2. Set the stage. Decorate the bedroom or space you will be making love in.
  3. Come into your body in whatever way works for you. Do yoga, dance, breathing or all of them, to help you energize and ground.
  4. Set your intention or prayer for this time together. Be specific: “I want to make $1000 more this week”, “I hope to meet a wonderful person to love”, or “I aim to finish writing my book this month.”)
  5. As you build your arousal, allow the orgasmic energy to move through your body and your partner’s body. When experiencing an orgasmic wave, share your intention out loud, taking turns. Sometimes it’s even more fun to keep adding more and more wishes, especially when wishing for someone else.
  6. Stay in this flow for as long as it feels good. Don’t rush for a climax, and allow it to unfold if it feels natural, but don’t force it. Some say it’s best for men not to ejaculate, to repurpose the energy for your prayers.
  7. Savor the peace and stillness. Feel the results of your wishes manifesting.

Now that you know the basics, give it a try. You don’t even need a partner, because solo-sex magic works just as well. So, just do it!

Boost your immune system, add more depth to your relationship, develop your character into the person you wish to be…and add a little fairy dust to the equation for fun and laughter.

You might just find yourself manifesting every wish a lot most easily than ever before. I know it has worked for me, in so many delicious ways.

Céline Remy is a Holistic Sexologist and Certified Sexological Bodyworker. She offers a unique body-based methodology to crack open her clients through pleasure. She teaches both men and women how to unleash their sexual potential, bring out the best in each other and have mind-blowing sex for hours. Get immediate access to an entire digital library with the best sex tips and relationship advice by joining the Sex Vault, the place to get real about sex.

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