The Common Sex Fantasies 1 In 4 People Are Too Embarrassed to Talk About

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A new survey of 2,000 men and women found that 27 percent of respondents have “secret” kinky sexual fantasies that they want to try with their partner — but haven’t told them yet!

In addition, the study, commissioned by online retailer Eden Fantasys, reported that 36 percent of those surveyed also have a specific sexual fetish they want to try out.

To those people, we say that it’s time to talk about these things with the person they’re having sex with!

The survey also found that almost half of the survey’s participants (49 percent) like using sex toys, and of these, 34 percent said they wish they would like to play their toys more often. The sex toy business in America is huge right now, with more people buying sex toys than there are people paying to watch porn.

The study also reported that 40 percent of Americans consider themselves to be “kinky,” with 51 percent of them saying they have a specific fetish or kink of interest, such as spanking or foot fetishes.

One interesting finding was the fact that 51 percent of the survey’s respondents who self-identify as having a fetish or kinky interest said that it took them at least one month or longer to bring this fact up with a new lover, i.e., “Honey, did I ever tell you that I’m into clown sex…?”

The study also revealed that 24 percent of respondents say they have tried anal sex, and another 16 percent say they like the idea of giving it a go for the first time.

A whopping 76 percent of the Americans surveyed described themselves as “sexually adventurous,” which we believe is a good thing, with 13 percent saying they want to try a threesome. It was also interesting to note that 29 percent of people said they enjoy “rough sex.”

We suggest discussing with your partner the sexual acts you have tried, want to try, and don’t want to try.

Make a “Yes,” “No,” and “Maybe” list of sexual activities that sound intriguing to you and have your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/lover/honey do the same. Then compare notes and see which sexual fantasies you have in common.

The “No” activities on either of your lists are nonnegotiable. For instance, if you say “No” to anal sex because he has a super gigantic penis that you can barely fit into your vagina, then you are allowed to say no.

As we’ve all learned from the recent stories of awkward first-time sexual encounters, “bad” sex happens when there is limited communication and “good” sex happens when people talk about all the sexy stuff they want to do to each other before they do it.

Overall, the top 5 “kinky” sex acts people in the U.S. say they’ve tried are these:

  • Using sex toys — 49 %
  • Rough sex — 29 %
  • Role playing — 29 %
  • Anal sex — 24 %
  • Spanking — 24 %

And here are the top 5 “kinky” sex acts people in the U.S. say they WANT to try:

  • Using sex toys —30 %
  • Rough sex — 18 %
  • Role playing — 17 %
  • Anal sex — 16 %
  • Dominance/submission (i.e., BDSM) — 14 %

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