First 10 Things A Woman Notices – How to Impress Women Every Time

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Ever seen the movie Hitch?

It stars:

  • Will Smith – the “love doctor”
  • Kevin James – an “average joe”

Their mission?

To get a world-famous beautiful woman to NOTICE the average joe… and go on a date with him.

It’s a funny film…

But it raises a valid point!

To get women interested, you don’t have to:

  • Look like a model
  • Pretend you’re filthy rich
  • Change your entire self

You should simply “create opportunities”…

…with an amazing FIRST IMPRESSION

(just like Kevin James did)

Focus on the first 10 things a woman notices about YOU.

Keep on reading to learn more…

#1 – Women Notice Your FACE

No debates here. If you keep your face in its best form – it means you’re taking great care of yourself.

Do you need a super handsome face? Nope! Not all of us are born with a Hollywood movie star type of face. If women only wanted that, there’d be a huge surplus of single men in this planet!

What you really need are good groominghabits. You want to show the ladies your well-maintained facial hair (whether it’s a short stubble or full-grown beard).

Or maybe you prefer a clean-shaven look – but you ought to make sure there are no post-shave bumps or red marks plaguing your face.

And then there’s the skin itself. Some of the “manly” guys out there still choose not to take skincare seriously. They wait for an “outbreak” or pain issue that requires them to seek treatment.

But it’s every man’s responsibility to find the right lotion, cleanser or anti-aging cream to keep his skin healthy 24/7. If you’re keen on doing this – download the Ultimate Guide To Men’s Skincare eBook (it’s FREE) to get started.

#2 – Your SMILE

A captivating smile is quite an asset. It’s like a “welcome” sign that you’re waving from afar in a woman’s direction.

Combine that smile with proper eye contact and a confident posture – and you’re already on a roll when it comes to impressing her.

But hold on. Your smile can also be a hindrance IF the teeth are noticeably dirty. Or worse… discolored! That’s why you need to watch out for:

  • Stains from smoking (as if there aren’t enough reasons to quit smoking these days!)
  • Too much fluoride from certain toothpaste brands or environmental sources (e.g. water) – this can harm and darken your teeth
  • Teeth as you age – the outer layer of enamel wears out over time and starts revealing the natural yellow color (of the inner layer of dentin). You may want to consider some teeth-whitening products at home when you’re older.

#3 – Your Silhouette

Here the term silhouette refers to the outline of your body PLUS your clothing. And women are particularly drawn to a very masculine silhouette – with a built-up chest, a lean torso, and strong shoulders.

That entails wearing the right cut of a suit jacket. But bear in mind to avoid extreme tapers or fits when it comes to trousers. Say NO to skinny jeans – they don’t display an attractive silhouette. Swap them for slim-fit or straight-leg types.

#4 – Your Wardrobe

No matter what you wear, women will pull out some sort of judgment or assumption from it. So don’t underestimate the power of nailing the 3 core components of dressing well. Ever.

You must also make an effort to pick clothes that send out POSITIVE messages – best describing your status, your lifestyle and personality.

Women seeking a long-term partner are attracted to men who can be good providers – so dressing more “mature” helps if you’re looking to settle down.

#5 – Your Style DETAILS

Sure. You may initially impress with a well-fitted blazer and slacks. But if those are the only elements you work on – you won’t get far.

Any man can maneuver his way to finding good shirts, jackets, and pants. But the ladies know that not all guys actually pay attention to everything else. To really stand out and “wow” a woman, you have to sharpen the small details:

#6 – Your Greeting & Manners

Picture yourself as a contestant on The Bachelorette. You step out of the limo on Day 1 with all the guys. Your bachelorette is waiting by the mansion door.

You’re all on an even playing field appearance-wise, so can you do to stand out right away?

Exactly – nail the greeting. That sets the tone for everything else that follows. Offer a firm handshake, make eye contact, smile and give your full attention.

You want her to believe you’re invested in courting her (not just there for TV exposure). Those few seconds of acknowledging her presence can mean the difference between staying or being sent home first.

Now chances are you’re not going to be on that show. But it’s the same principle in real life: if you don’t greet a woman properly for the first time, you’ve already dug yourself a hole.

Forget how people tend to stare at their phones or get distracted easily. Bad manners are never acceptable. If you show a disregard for others’ feelings or basic courtesy, women will quickly pick up on it and think you’re a loose cannon.

#7 – Your HANDS

What good is a handshake if your hands seem like you’ve been digging through garbage? Always be mindful about washing your hands. Otherwise – you can come off as “uneducated” or “not raised properly” (making your parents look bad).

But let’s not forget about dry hands with cracked skin! It’s another major turn-off caused by a lack of natural oil (which keeps the skin of your hands supple). So apply a good amount of hand lotion or cream every now and then.

And another thing. Do NOT clench your fist in front of a woman (as if you’re about to punch someone)! You’re probably stronger than her – so that just makes you appear more intimidating.

#8 – Your SMELL

You can nail every other category on this list – but it’ll all be nullified if women don’t like how you smell.

That’s not a big problem for most of us. All it takes is a strong deodorant to keep our smell “neutral”… but why not go one step further and smell GREAT?

Studies prove that women rate a male’s scent as the #1 factor when finding a potential partner (men are more visual by comparison). So take the time to discover good colognes for men that the ladies love.

But you’ll also have to do some trial and error and read the reviews. Some fragrances can annoy people or cause allergies so be careful with your choice – as well as how you put it on.


#9 – Your Voice & Language

Yep. Women care about what they’re going to hear from you. But this time – you don’t use products to deal with your voice and language.

It’s about self-development. Expanding your knowledge and vocabulary. Setting yourself apart from guys who always talk as if they’re at a football game.

So what do you do? First, avoid swearing in front of a woman you just met. Only do it to stress something positive like “F—ing awesome!”

The next step is to read good books. Find books that go deep into enriching topics (not just entertain you) – and help you grow as a person.

You’re aiming to show women you’re relatable, that you can communicate without any extreme “barriers.” So your accent, the tone of your voice, and whether you say “no” or “no thank you” to reject an offer – all those factors come into play.

And finally, learn the techniques for becoming a more engaging speaker. Use your voice in a way that grabs anyone’s attention and makes them eager to listen.

Who knows? With a little more rhythm and use of your diaphragm – your voice may end up “evolving” into something like Neil deGrasse Tyson‘s. And that will definitely intrigue a few women!

#10 – Your Body Movements

Ultimately, actions speak louder than words. So fun as it might be to talk engagingly – keep your non-verbal communication in check. It goes beyond the nicest clothes or the widest smile you can give.

Avoid any gestures that can catch a pretty lady off guard (since she’s still getting to know you). Watch out for the subtlest finger tap or tiling of the neck. Remind yourself every now and then to keep your arms unfolded. It’s about smooth and “open” body language all the time.

Bonus: Women Notice Your Attitude/Personality

Some important points regarding attitude that you ought to take note of:

  • People do perceive others as “douchebags.” Don’t believe me? Try any of these douche-looking outfits or gestures and see for yourself. They spell out a negative vibe and attitude regardless of how nice you are in conversation.
  • Your sense of humor gives women a good idea of your attitude in general. There are different personality traits linked to “positive” humor (using optimism, puns or wittiness) versus “negative” humor (being rude, sarcastic or self-disparaging).
  • To enter serious relationships – be a “nice guy”! Although some women are drawn to bad boys, they’re not likely to go beyond a fling with those types of men. So if you’re searching for your soulmate now, stay away from a douchey image and dark humor.

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