60 Seconds Test That Shows Whether You Are Healthy

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It takes a little time to determine how your health is. With these six short tests you can see the messages your body send and if is the time to consult a doctor to remove a possible health problem.

Look the whites of the eyes:

Stand before a mirror and look good to your eyes. If whites suddenly received yellowish color, you may have spent too much time in the sun without protective glasses. If yellowness persists, consult a doctor to exclude liver problem.

Red eyes can be a symptom of many problems, from allergies to infections.

It is necessary to distinguish the short-term redness that occurs for example in irritation from inflamed eyelids or due to several hours of sitting in front of a computer – with the lingering redness persists for days.

It can be a symptom of allergy and in that case contact your doctor.


Lack of physical activity is harming your body and long may be the occasion for various chronic diseases.

Your strength and durability can be tested easily. Climb the stairs to the second floor of the house or building.

If you are very panting, sweaty or you miss your breath, it means you have a very weak condition, and perhaps a problem with thyroid hormones, so check it out.

Waist Size:

It is known that the thickness of specific parts of the body can be dangerous.

Thus, people who are overweight have their fat attached to the stomach, thighs or other parts, are more likely to develop heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Measure the size of your waist and if more than 90 centimeters, it means it’s time for a small diet and exercise.


Dry skin (especially after showering) is an unpleasant issue but also a warning sign that your body lacks something.

Test your skin so that you scratch with your nail in place under the forearm.

If you end up under the nail with skin remains or very visible trace scratch, it means that your skin needs hydration not only outside, but also inside.

Consume a minimum 1.5 liters of water per day to clean your body and skin. Lingering redness or rash may be a sign of allergies or infection, therefore, see a doctor.


Be sure to observe the condition of your moles, especially those larger and more expressive. To scan the entire body you need a lot of time, and therefore stand before the mirror and “throw” look to them.

Changes in moles, redness, and itching, bleeding and asset growth are often benign changes that end with the removal of the mole, but can also be a warning of serious problems, so consult a dermatologist if you notice them.

Urine and Stool:

When you go to a toilet for to urinate or defecate, do not be shy and look in the bathroom toilet for so you can learn more about their health.

Healthy urine is clear and bright yellow. Dark and cloudy urine is a sign that you do not drink enough fluids. If you notice blood in the urine, it is generally a sign that you have a urinary tract infection or inflammation of the kidneys. In that case, see a doctor immediately.

If you eat foods rich in iron (beets, spinach, blueberries, blackberries), your stool may get darker.

However, if you haven’t consumed such foods, and you noticed that your stool is very dark or even black, go to a doctor and test your stool for bleeding.

Maybe you have internal hemorrhoids or polyps that need to be cured and removed.

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