6 Ancient Japanese Secrets for Staying Slim and Healthy

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Each culture in the world has its own secrets for maintaining in good shape and health. The universal concepts for staying fit include drinking plenty of water, having a healthy and balanced diet, and exercising regularly.

The Japanese people are known to be very slim and healthy. But, do you know why? The answer isn’t anything complicated. Namely, they have established 6 essential guidelines that they follow to stay in that shape.

Therefore, if you want to stay slim, fit, and healthy, you may just follow the following 6 Japanese guidelines:

Eating Habits

Japanese people cherish quality instead of quantity. This means that the size of the dish isn’t important, but the ingredients in it. They believe that eating large portions of unhealthy junk food is a very bad idea that will nullify the effect of exercising. Instead, they enjoy food and consume a great variety of foods, but only the healthy ones.

Cooking Habits

Similarly, Japanese people prefer to cook their food in a healthy way. They cook their food lightly using only heart-friendly oil. Furthermore, they do not cook their food at high temperatures for a longer period. The most commonly used methods are simmering, steaming, wok stir-frying, and pan grilling.

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

According to the Japanese people, the food is the energy we consume in order to survive. Additionally, eating fruits and vegetables that grow in the summer helps the body to adjust to the summer temperatures and head. On the contrary, consuming fruits and veggies that grow in the winter provide the calories needed for keeping warm during the cold days in winter. They also promote the idea that people should consume different foods so they get the nutrients needed.

The Sumo Wrestler Conundrum

Have you ever asked yourself why sumo wrestlers are so overweight, even though they do exercise? The answer to this question is rather simple. They start their day with a hard training and avoiding breakfast. Moreover, they usually have two enormous meals and sleep a lot. This means that regardless the exercise you do if you eat large portions, especially unhealthy food, you are likely to gain weight.

No Liquids During Meals

Drinking any type of liquid, water, sodas, juices, can really impede the process of digestion and that is why Japanese avoid doing this. Namely, when we consume liquids the body cools off and the drinking gets the warmth from the food, instead of the body. Furthermore, drinking water throughout a meal neutralizes the stomach acid, which leads to an increased need of energy to finish digestion.

Hot Bath for Long Life

The Japanese people are quite fond of hot baths because they provide plenty of benefits. To be more precise, taking hot baths on a daily basis relaxes muscles, improves circulation, and enhances digestion process. Also, they are boosting feelings of calmness and peace and eliminate the stress accumulated throughout the day. Therefore, hot baths may prolong your life.

Now that you know the 6 ancient Japanese secrets, you may try to follow their guidelines and stay slim and healthy.

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