ACT ON TIME: Check To See If You Have This On Your Body, Because It Is Precisely The Reason This Girl Died!

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Clare Daly had only 29 years old when she was diagnosed with skin cancer. Her mother died of the disease, and she has always protected herself from the sun.

In July 2014, Clare was married with longtime boyfriend Paul Daly. Just a year earlier, Clare removed the stain from the left shoulder, because she was bothered when dressing. The doctor who removed the stain did not sent to biopsy, to determine whether it can be skin cancer.

Two years after the removal of moles and only one after marrying, Clare began to feel pain in the shoulder. At first she thought it was just a strained muscle, but the pain was getting worse, so she visited a doctor.

Just 4 months after it appeared the pain she was diagnosed with melanoma.

“Until the very end she was in the mood and fight. However, she has not changed, “said her brother, who has set up a foundation in her name and on behalf of all persons suffering from melanoma.

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