6 Lies For The Female Body In Which We Cannot Believe

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It is about time to break down prejudices and myths about how women’s bodies should look and what is it for. That’s why we bring you a list of the biggest misconceptions about woman’s body in which no one should believe.

The main purpose of a woman’s body is having children.

The capability to procreate is not what makes us women. This is a traditional beliefs by which we define women and it is exactly what we need as soon as possible to delete from the memory.

The reconciliation of the feminine uterus is not only an insult to women to those who consciously choose not to give birth, but also to those from any health reasons cannot have children. The main purpose of our bodies is to carries us toward our goals, whatever they may be.

Our body needs to be arrange to its ‘perfection’.

Women’s bodies are not a key to our success and happiness is not in its training. Our bodies won’t be perfect if you lose 10 pounds and chiseled abs, laser remove all traces of wrinkles and hair. What we should aim for is the inner satisfaction that will surely projected to the exterior.

The only allowed hairs on a woman’s body are eyebrows, eyelashes and hair.

We live in a society that stigmatizes body hair to the point that nowadays are even trying to popularize the idea of shaving a woman’s face.The final decision is yours, if you want to shave, wax or permanently remove hair – it’s your thing, but if you want to take a break from it, do not allow others telling you that because of that you’re not normal, or as it is not hygienic. Remember, the hairs is on our body for a reason.

The female body is not strong and powerful.

Tell that to all the great female athletes who break records and with their strength could shame some men. Tell that to all the women who do the so-called ‘male’ jobs better than the stronger half. There is nothing a woman’s body cannot, provided you do the work.

Others can make decisions about our bodies.

Patriarchal society want to impose the image of the ideal woman, according to which we must ‘model’ itself, politicians want to decide on whether women go for artificial insemination, and some are trying to determine how, when and under what circumstances a woman may feel free to enjoy sexual pleasure. Your body is your own, in the full sense of the word, and you make decisions about it.

The biggest threat to a woman’s body is breast cancer.

This vicious disease is one of the largest women’s ‘enemy’, but with awareness we must not forget other health problems also pose a major threat to women’s health.
Heart disease is high on the list, just like the skin cancer of which are affected a growing number of women due to excessive sun exposure or excessive visits to tanning.


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