13 Signs Your Ex Misses You

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Falling in love is easy as well as falling out of it, what is never easy – healing after a breakup. The main reason why we feel so bad after we break up is, of course, some remaining feelings and broken expectations. What is more, you keep torturing yourself with all these thoughts about what about it could have been different?

It gets really difficult to forget someone if that someone keeps showing up in your life. This is the time you start thinking about going back, yet, before we proceeded we need you to stop for a minute and think what did you end up like this? What are the chances that it is going to be different this time?

Now, let’s discuss the signs that he still misses you.

#1 Excuses

All possible ways of contacting you, even due to the silliest reasons, prove that he misses you.

#2 Half-true jokes

If he says that he misses you – then says that it was just a joke, well, it wasn’t.

#3 Meeting

Do you see him often? Like, no matter where you go you run into him? I guess you know the answer.

#4 Acting jealous

Even though you are not together anymore, he acts like he is jealous whenever he sees you with someone else – he is, oh, so not over you.

#5 Nostalgia

If he is still nostalgic about you being together, he clearly misses you.

#6 Drunken calls

If he gets wasted, then call you – he still has some feelings towards you.

#7 Jealousy

In case anything he does is to impress you or to make you feel jealous, he does that because he misses you and wants you back.

#8 Catching up

Well, there is no such a thing as catching up – it is only about moving forwards. Make up your mind whether you really need that.

#9 Social media

The best way to stalk someone these days is via social media. If you notice him doing that – he misses you.

#10 Point of interest

If it is very important to him whether or not you are currently involved in some relationship, that means that he has some hopes and definitely misses you.

#11 He is free

If he is not dating anyone, the chances are great that he expects you to get back together.

#12 Excitement

If he seems too happy to see you, that is it – he does miss you!

#13 Out loud

If he is not a coward – he will tell you that he misses you.

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