A Month Before A Heart Attack, Your Body Gives You A Warning – These Are Those 6 Warning Signs

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The primary cause of deaths in the USA is heart attack. It is very important to recognize its symptoms.

The significantly raised number of heart attacks is due to an unhealthy diet and modern busy lifestyle. Another cause of heart attack is the stress.

The key to avoid a heart attack is to have a healthy lifestyle and less stress. Knowing the symptoms of this disease one month before the heart attack occurs, you can save your life.

Body Weakness  

This is one of the first symptoms of heart attack. Your body feels weak because it is experiencing the arteries, narrowing, meaning less blood flow and circulation. This causes weakened muscles that could cause you to fall more easily.

Cold sweats and dizziness

If there is poor blood circulation, then it means that there is less blood supply in the brain. This results in dizziness and cold sweats. The body will start feeling clammy and unwell.At the same time,  your brain will not be able to function properly.

Chest Pressure

Chest pressure or pain is another important symptom. This symptom increases as the potential for a heart attack approaches. The pain may spread to other areas of your body, like the shoulders, back and arms.

Cold or Flu

A lot of people who have had heart attacks claim that they have experienced cold or flu-like symptoms just before having a heart attack.


Fatigue can be caused by a decreased flow of blood in the heart. Additionally, if the arteries are narrowed, then the heart will receive less blood and as a result of this, it will work harder than the normal. You need to speak with your doctor, if you feel tired all the time then.

Shortness of Breath

When the arteries narrow and blood flow is decreased, your lungs are notable to get the blood flow they need to work properly. Your heart and lungs work together, thus if one of them is not working properly, it impacts on the other.

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