20 Minute Nap at Work Keeps You Awake and Productive the Whole Day

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What can add you more energy during the day? Of course, this is a nap. This only seems to be counterproductive. In fact, every year scientific research proves that a nap (or short sleep, as experts call it) is a great way to increase people’s energy level and productivity.

You should not think that this proposal is not for working ladies. The benefits of the siesta are so undeniable that some companies, such as Google and Apple, allow their employees to have a nap at work, realizing all the benefits that their employees get from their daytime sleep.

A 20-minute nap at work is good for your health. Daytime sleep reduces the level of stress, reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes or weight gain. Daytime sleep activates the brain’s work: creativity, memory, learning abilities, quick reactions, etc. are improved.

Furthermore, it saves your money. You do not spend money for snacks, sweets, coffee or energy drinks to increase your energy and productive levels. It increases your efficiency at work. There are studies showing that a 20-minute nap is more effective for increasing labor productivity than 200 mg of caffeine.

Another test can illustrate the use of having a 20-minute nap at work even more. People were given a working task, for performing which it was necessary to spend the whole working day. By the end of the working day, productivity was declining, and people could not cope with the task.

Then the workers were given an opportunity to have a nap in the middle of their working day. After a 20-minute nap, the decline in productivity was stopped, and after a 60-minute nap, the productivity of the workers was actually improved.

Daytime sleep improves mood. When you are having a nap, the brain secretes a neurotransmitter serotonin, which is responsible for mood levels. Replenishment of this chemical gives a sense of joy and generally affects the mood positively.

A 20-minute nap is ideal for fast increasing of energy and attentiveness levels. Within 10-20 minutes you will not have time to go into the phase of deep sleep, and will stay only in the first two phases of sleep and wakefulness.


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