12 Ways that Can Reduce a Bloated Belly Without Abs Exercises

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Abdominal bloating is something that causes many of you a lot of trouble, there is no doubt about that. If there is too much gas in your stomach it leads straight to bloating. What can influence the amount of gas within your stomach? There are quite a few factors, diet and lifestyle are definitely the most important ones. But, excess gas is not the worst of all the symptoms, bloating may also lead to severe abdominal pain, burping or rumbling.

If you are experiencing these symptoms you should start thinking about ways of fixing the situation right now. Luckily, you have our knowledge at your disposal. We have carried out research on what a person can do to reduce a bloated belly without ab exercises. We have come up with 12 effective ways that we are going to share with you right now.

Below diaphragm massage

It sounds a lot more difficult than it actually is. All you need to do is to rub below your diaphragm area clockwise for a couple of minutes, then repeat but in opposite direction. In case there is too much saliva in your mouth and it tastes a little sour – you are doing it right.

Above belly button massage

The procedure is the same as described above. If you are doing it right it will take the pain away and you will feel better.

Above pubic bone massage

There are no changes to the described procedure but if you succeed you will feel lighter in no time, plus you will help your intestinal activity.

Water with lemon

There are many reasons why you should adopt a habit of drinking a glass of water with lemon each morning. Reduction of gas in your intestine is one of them.

Less milk

It may sound surprising to you but milk is pretty heavy on your stomach, that is why drinking it alone is not a very healthy habit. If you want to reduce the amount of gas in your stomach – you better refrain from it.

No water while eating

Drinking while eating only slows down digestion which may lead to bloating, that is why it is better to forget about this.


Even though alcohol is not something you should be consuming on a daily basis, drinking it on an empty stomach is not good either. This may lead to slow digestion and bloating as well.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea in turn helps in the reduction of gas in your stomach, so that it is beneficial against bloating.

Junk food

Junk food is also heavy and it takes time for your stomach to digest it, so the amount of gas increases and the outcome is known to you.

Drinking ‘air’

The more air you swallow while eating, drinking or smoking leads to bloating, as simple as that.


Fiber is good in general but too much of it leads to excess gas formation, remember that.


It is not all about our physical state, mental state matters too. If you are depressed or too tired it may lead to slow digestion and that leads straight to bloating. Make sure you always have some time for yourself!


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