13 Helpful Vinegar Uses That Can Simplify Your Life

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Vinegar can be useful for things other than cocking. Are you surprised? We will shock you even more! It may be unexpected but vinegar can be used for beauty purposes as well as for the cleaning of your house. Vinegar will make your life much simpler.

There are different types of vinegar that can be used for different purposes. Even though the very first thing that comes up to your mind when you think of vinegar is salad dressing, we are not going to tell you to sprinkle your vegetables with vinegar.

After you read this article you will know how to dispense with expensive cleaning products and fancy beauty ones. A bottle of vinegar will cost you 5 times less. So, check out these 13 helpful vinegar hacks that can simplify your life.

#1. White vinegar will help you to keep your garden nice and tidy. You are welcome to use it, in order to get rid of weeds and unwanted grass.

#2. Add 100 ml of vinegar to your shampoo to make your hair silky and shiny.

#3. Get rid of the odor of cigarette smoke by washing your hands with vinegar.

#4. Add vinegar to your regular nail polish for a more long lasting effect.

#5. Clean your bathroom with vinegar to make it as clean as a brand new one.

#6. Make stains on your rug fade away with vinegar and lemon juice instead of using your cleaning powder.

#7. Apple cider vinegar can substitute your face lotion. Your skin will be refreshed and the dark stains under your eyes will no longer be noticeable.

#8. Apple cider vinegar will help you to get rid of acne and pimples. Say goodbye to your problem skin.

#9. Apple cider vinegar will improve blood circulation, so that your face looks good and fresh.

#10. You will forget about dandruff with the help of vinegar of any type. Just apply it to your scalp.

#11. Bruise marks will disappear quicker if you make vinegar compresses.

#12. Mosquito bites will be not that itchy if you sprinkle them with a couple of drops of vinegar.

#13. Vinegar will make your kitchen clean and shiny. You don’t need to spend long hours cleaning up, just substitute your regular cleaning products with vinegar.


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