9 Signs There Is Real Chemistry Between You And Your Man

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It is no secret that most people consider mutual physical attraction to be extremely important. If you are one of these people, this article will be useful to you. It will help you understand how great the mutual understanding and attraction between you and him are.

These are subtle, but obvious signs that will show you, if you feel a real attraction to each other. People often confuse compatibility and chemistry, but in fact the difference between them is very great. Most of us carelessly use these concepts to describe the mysterious phenomena that occur between two people: an invisible and ineffable communication or its absence.

Chemistry is an emotional connection that occurs between people, when they are next to each other. People between whom very strong chemistry is formed, by some specific characteristics of their personality, evoke each other’s emotional responses.

#1. You smile a lot, when you are near each other. This is a chemical reaction of your body and your partner’s body.

#2. When you met him, you thought that you had already known him for years. You have so many familiar traits.

#3. You are like sexual magnets for each other. You have a great sexual attraction.

#4. You have a spiritual connection to each other. You can not explain this phenomenon, but you just feel this.

#5. If you have the same sense of humor and you have similar thoughts and preferences, you have real chemistry.

#6. Both of you feel comfortable and you do not have to pretend to be somebody else.

#7. You find out that you have a lot of similar interests in life. This is really great. A small portion of couples can brag about that.

#8. You try to have physical contact all the time. This is chemistry.

#9. You are eager to see him all the time. It You already miss him five minutes after your date ends.


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