10 Foods Made in China That Are Filled With Plastic, Pesticides And Cancer Causing Chemicals

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China is a country that exports food all around the world. However, this food is not that good for our health. China is the top country in the pesticide production, which means pesticides can be found in their food too. Moreover, China is an extremely polluted country, which rivers are contaminated and air is toxic.

This article discusses the unhealthy food that comes from China to America. You will be surprised by how much it is present in the American market and worst of all, many of us have it at home!

Make sure you always shop at local farmers and don’t hesitate to ask questions about the food you are buying.


Just like many ingredients sold in the USA, 50% of the apple juice is imported from China. This country is the leading producer of pesticides in the world. The best advice is to avoid the consumption of apple juice. If you prefer fruit juice, try mixing it with vegetable juice because it is good for your blood sugar.


This kind of fish is farmed in China. More than 50% of this fish in the USA is imported from China. What makes it unhealthy it the fact that it lives in its own waste.


The garlic that comes from China is sprayed with chemicals, and it is present on the American market. After consuming this garlic you can feel a taste of a chemical mixture.


The plastic rice is made from potatoes and a fake synthetic resin. It stays hard after boiling and its method of cooking is unlike the regular rice. Frequent consumption of this plastic rice can lead to cancer.



Many Chinese factories label their processed mushrooms as organic, but it’s not the case. Their only goal is to enlarge their profit. Moreover, a third of all the processed mushrooms in the USA comes from China. Do a small research on the mysterious mushrooms you are buying and always spend money on local and organic.


Avoid buying green peas from China since fake peas were made with snow peas, soy beans, green dye and a bleach-chemical that is also used as a preservative. The green dye may cause cancer or reduce the body’s capacity to absorb calcium.


Maybe you are not familiar with it, but tilapia fish is most toxic and harmful fish you can find on the market. These fish live in a small pool of waste water and can eat anything.


China frequently deals with avian influenza and food borne illness, which makes the chicken they export suspicious. What’s more, this country is highly polluted and a number 1 country in producing pesticides.


This type of salt is not good for people, yet it has been sold for 13 years now. Its consumption can result in reproductive system disorders, problems with the thyroid gland, mental and physical problems.

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