10 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Eating Bananas

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Bananas are an extremely delicious and an overall very healthy fruit. They contain many essential nutrients and have a lot of benefits for heart health, weight loss and also they are known to improve digestion.

Besides being rich in nutrients they are also a very convenient snack food especially for athletes.

Here are some interesting facts about bananas you probably didn’t know about:

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits on earth and they come from the family of berry fruits.

They are native to Southeast Asia, but they are grown in other warmer parts of the world too.

When they are consumed on a daily basis, they can help fighting off many health issues such as kidney cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes and morning sickness.

Fighting off anemia due to their high amount of iron which improves the blood quality.

Efficient energy boosters, many athletes and bodybuilder consume bananas before a workout.

Bananas contain a good amount of fiber and also several antioxidants.

One averaged size banana contains around 105 calories and it consists of mostly water and carbs, but they also contain very little protein and almost no fat.

They can help in treating depression because of their tryptophan content that transforms into serotonin in the body which is responsible for your mood.

Bananas can prevent calcium deficiency and they strengthen the bones and teeth and also they improve the mineral absorption.

Improving digestion is one of the bananas main health benefit due to the fiber they contain.

Bananas are good for weight loss and they make you feel full after eating one.


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