Amazing Story: A Man Used Baking Soda to Beat Stage 4 Cancer

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Vernon Johnston, who was fighting with stage 4 cancer, managed to heal himself with the help of one simple ingredient-baking soda. As you probably already know, the conventional cancer treatment, mainly consisted of chemo and medications, is a rather aggressive treatment approach.

This is because chemo destroys not only the cancerous cells, but the healthy cells as well, and thus, deprives the patient’s energy and weakens their immunity.

As Johnston had no assurance that chemo would cure his cancer, he decided to look for other options. Johnston’s brother advised Johnston to increase the pH of the body and prevent the growth of cancer in this way. Johnston agreed to do this, but needed cesium chloride for it.

Unlike conventional chemo, cesium therapy is believed to provide more successful results. Johnson began using cesium in order to increase his body’s pH levels. Namely, after a substantiate research, he discovered a very beneficial solution. Let’s take a look:

  • He combined baking soda and maple syrup and consumed the mixture every day.

The benefits of baking soda

Baking soda successfully neutralizes the acid in the body and increases the pH levels. Also, it’s a great topical antiseptic for prevention of scarring and blistering and also lowers itching caused by skin allergies.

How does the method with baking soda work in treating cancer?

Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment. According to experts, when the environment is alkaline, the chances for growth of cancer cells decrease and their spread is prevented. For even better results, baking soda can be injected into the body so that it’s closer to the tumor.

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