6 Types of Headaches: the Exact Pain Spot Reveals the Cause and the Permanent Solution

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Headaches are a common condition for many people. However, it’s important to know what type of a headache is causing your pain. So, if you know your headache type, you can treat it correctly. These are the 6 most common types of headaches and their symptoms.

1. Cluster Headaches

These headaches usually occur in the eye area and the side of the head. If you experience this type of a headache, the pain can be quite intense and accompanied with exhaustion. Moreover, you may also experience red eyes, swollen face, and swelled eyelids. Besides the fact that these headaches aren’t very common, they can both affect men and women. Although the exact cause remains unknown, they are usually linked to brain or nerve irregularities.

In order to soothe these type of headaches, you should move more and engage in some type of physical activity.

2. Neck Headache

This type of a headache usually occurs on the side of the head and women are more prone to it. The pain starts in the occipital part of the head or in the neck, and then gradually shifts to the forehead, affecting the side eye and the ear. This type of a headache can occur with different intensity and are usually caused by a cervical spine issue or a damage or irritation to the first 3 cervical nerves which exit the spinal cord.

In order to feel some relief, you should rest in a quiet and dark room, or take a painkiller.

3. Migraine Headache

People who have a migraine headache will start feeling the pain in the morning and the pain will increase with any kind of movement. Moreover, it is likely that this type of a headache is accompanied by vomiting, seeing spots in front of the eyes, sensitivity to light, and nausea. The most common reasons for this type of a headache are stress, insomnia, smoking, and irregular eating habits.

This isn’t a dangerous type of a headache so it can be solved with a painkiller.

4. Sinus Headache

If you have this type of a headache, it is likely that you experience pain in the sinus area and the pain will gradually increase between the eyes. Moreover, the pain increases if one bends or move their head, or when lying down. It is usually accompanied with nasal discharge.

So, in order to treat this type of a headache, you should have a steamy shower or inhale the steam.

5. TMJ Headache

This type of a headache causes pain in the temples. It is a chronic headache, which shows different signs, including chipped teeth, broken fillings, and changing shape or position of the smile. Usually, this leads to tension in the jaw, shoulders, and neck. Teeth grinding is another symptom. If you experience this type of a headache, don’t hesitate, visit a doctor immediately.

6. Tension Headache

A tension headache is the most common headache with pain which feels like having a tight bend around the head. It usually affects the neck, cheeks, forehead, and temples. This type of a headache can last for few hours, but the pain is moderate. It is possible that you experience this headache in the mornings or evenings.

You can treat this type of a headache with some medicines or natural remedies. For instance, you can take a nap and relax.

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