DIY Rice Water Toner to Shrink Pores and Brighten Skin

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Japanese women are known for their amazing radiant skin. So, what is there beauty secret? Surprisingly, it’s not pricey cosmetic products.

They use rice water use in all of their beauty creams and home remedies. This DIY home remedy uses only rice and water to cleanse and tone your skin.

It contains vitamin C, E, B1 and minerals that reduce dark spots, tighten skin pores, reduce wrinkles, treat acne, fine lines and lighten the appearance of scars.

Regular usage of this homemade beauty remedy will make your skin extremely soft and radiant. You just need these 2 ingredients and some patience.

DIY Rice Water Toner Recipe


  • Rice – ½ cup
  • Distilled water


  1. Wash your rice twice to remove dirt and strain the water.
  2. Place rinsed rice in a bowl and add water to it.
  3. Allow it to settle for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Vitamins and minerals housed in rice will now seep into water.
  5. Collect water in a bowl, after draining the rice.
  6. Apply the water on prewashed face using cotton ball.
  7. Leave the mask for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off with water.

You can mix few drops of essential oil with rice water. Alternatively, you make face scrub by adding required amount of oat flour to rice water.


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