You Should Never Eat Cucumbers and Tomatoes In the Same Salad

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Dietitians say that you shouldn’t eat cucumber and tomato in the same salad.


Because, the lighter food end up passing intestine just as the first ingredient is completely digested.

This results in fermentation of food and may poison your whole body. Slow digestion of sugars and starches won’t allow you to enjoy the dish.

Gases, swelling and pain in the stomach are caused by fermentation.

Fruits or ingredients that you shouldn’t consume together:

  1. Cucumber and tomatoes aren’t compatible, so experts say not to ingest these two ingredients together. Due to fermentation of these 2 ingredients various digestive issues can be experienced.
  2. Experts say that it’s not recommended consume fruit after meal. Really? Yes, because fruits need more time to get digested. If you eat fruits after meals, they may result in acid reflux and digestive issues.
  3. Though you may love banana and milk combination, but experts say that eating these two ingredients will slow down the digestion.
  4. Water melon and melon also shouldn’t be consumed together.
  5. Vegetables and cheese combo will result in bloating.
  6. Mixing bread or noodles with orange juice may destroy enzymes that are responsible for starch digestion.
  7. Meat and cheese are packed with high levels of proteins. Choose only one protein, don’t use both.
  8. Fruits to yogurt may seem delicious and many people prefer this, but experts say that this combination will harm intestinal flora and slow down digestion.

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