13 Health Benefits of Soda & Carbonated Water

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Consuming too much soda or carbonated water isn’t good for your health. But, apart from dangers, when you have it in limited quantity, carbonated water can have surprising health benefits.

This soda water was invented by Joseph Priestley in the year 1767. Water is infused with carbon dioxide, further, the process of keeping it under pressure known as carbonation.

13 Health Benefits of Soda or Carbonated Water

#1 Hydrate Your Body

Though fruit juice is the best way to hydrate your body, carbonated water, which is filled with water like minerals, can heal you with dehydration issues.

#2 Diet Menu

Being carbonated drink, soda consumption will make you feel full and stop your crave to eat food.

#3 Tasty Drink

If you don’t like the plain taste of water, then replace it with carbonated water. Its texture and taste will give unique experiencing of drinking.

#4 Avoid Impaired Digestion

Study state that people who ingested soda water experience improved digestive system and emptying of gallbladder.

#5 Stops Nausea

As mentioned earlier, regular consumption of carbonated water will relieve from certain digestive problems and stops nausea.

#6 Treats Constipation

Lack of bowel movement and pain in abdomen are caused due to constipation. Drinking carbonated water will treat this disorder, stated by a study.

#7 Improve Focus

Caffeine present in soda water helps to improve your mental focus and increase concentration.

#8 Source of Sodium

Good amount of sodium in this water help to assist muscles, improve brain functioning and nerves.

It also helps to maintain pH level in your body.

#9 Source of Potassium

Low concentration of potassium leads to abnormal heart beat and anemia. Good amount of potassium in your body improve metabolism and muscle functioning.

#10 Treat Kidney Issues

Citrate present in soda helps to inhibit formation of kidney stones. However, more studies have to be done.

#11 Gives Energy

Sugar contained in carbonated water helps to boost energy levels and also glucose present due to sugar absorption.

#12 Great Source of Nutrients

Ingest apples, lemon or any fruit slices with carbonated water to reap all the nutrients.

#13 Healthy Soda

Its an alternative to energy drink available in the market.

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