20 Ways to Play With a 0-3 Month Old

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Play is one of the different ways to express your love. Well, I think so. Through playing your child will be able to learn the world around him.

With limited abilities and short wake time, it’s really changeling to create an engaging play with 0-3 month old baby. Fortunately below mentioned are different ways to play with your 3 month olds.

#1. Eye Contact: It helps to build a non-verbal communication with your child. Spend some time to make meaningful eye contact with your 3 month old baby.

#2. Imitate: Imitating her expressions and sounds will let her know that you are paying attention and this helps to communicate and models through the process.

#3. Mirror Play: Hold or prop a mirror in front of your baby. This wonderful activity will make your baby to see her beautiful face.

#4. Massage: Use a baby lotion or natural oil available at home for massaging. This process will improve blood circulation and develop digestive system. Time you choose must be covenant for both you and your baby.

#5. Place your baby on tummy to play for few minutes.

#6. If you’re good at singing, hold your baby’s hands, clap and sing.

#7. To encourage head turning and strengthen change the direction that baby sleeps.

#8. Light Play: Your young baby will be more interested in moving objects. Shine the light on different objects to cast shadows. This will fascinate your baby.

#9. Cycling: This will improve abdominal muscles and increase body awareness. Gently move his legs in cycling motion.

#10. Balancing Act: Securely hold your baby on top of a large yoga or beach ball. Gently move back and forth, this will give her an amazing experience.

#11. Smell the Roses: Babies can recognize smell of the mother. Heightened smelling sense in your baby will help her enjoy the pleasant smell of flowers, citrus fruit and vanilla.

#12. Swing Together: Wear your baby in a baby carrier and gently swing together.

#13. Conversation: Talk to your baby from day 1, some even say that language development will start even in the mother’s womb.

#14. Stretch Gently: This will help to develop body awareness and stretches muscles.

#15. Visual stimulation: Hold a colorful card or paper above baby’s crib to provide visual stimulation.

#16. Giggle: Gently touch and make them giggle.

#17. Hold a doll: Take picture or a doll and hold in front of your baby.

#18. Flip through your family photos and show smiling faces.

#19. Skin to Skin Activity: Provide enough face to face and skin to skin activity a parent.

#20. Wonderful Wearing: To meet these needs wear your baby with perfect clothing. Just go through all baby carriers and pick one.

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