5 Usual Problems That Bananas Solves Better Than Pills

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Apart from being delicious and nutritious diet, bananas are capable of removing number of health problems that usually take us to pills.

Rich in fiber and 3 types of sugar, ingesting banana is a immediate energy booster.

Read this article and know what this sweet fruit can bring for your health.

5 Problems that Banana Can You Help You

Note: Diet isn’t a substitute for your medicine. Consult your doctor before replacing pills with diet.

#1. Stress

Researchers state that stress can trigger various health and skin ailments.

Stress speeds your metabolism rate and thus lowers potassium in your body.

Rich concentration of potassium in bananas helps to normalize your heart beat, regulate water in your body. Further, it can also send oxygen to brain for healthy functioning.

#2. Blood Pressure

Studies show that high intake of sodium and low intake of potassium can increase your blood pressure.

Bananas are packed with potassium that can increase potassium in your body and help you with blood pressure.

Start your morning with a banana for a healthy day.

#3. Constipation and Flatulence

Probiotic properties exhibited by bananas can help to reduce tension in intestine that usually caused due to low flatulence and constipation.

Pectin residing in this fruit can eliminate toxins and boost functioning of digestion system.

#4. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Vitamin B, B6 and high amount of potassium in bananas have positive effect on your body glucose.

Ingesting banana can improve water accumulation in the body and reduce pain in the abdomen.

#5. Depression

Eating banana can improve your mood, how?

Tryptophan in the form of serotonin is present in this fruit that is known as happy hormone. Next time, when you feel depressed eat a banana and see the change.

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