7 Best Essential Oils for Better Sleep

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50-70 million Americans reported to have sleeping disorder or deprivation. With modern lifestyle and hectic work schedule, there’s a 70 percent of chance that you get enough sleep.

Most people depend on pharmaceutical pills to sleep. This is not the answer.

These sedative hypnotic drugs are often associated with serious side-effects like constipation, dry mouth, gas, headache, dizziness, tingling sensation and heart burn. (1)

Would you believe me, if I say you can use essential oils for better sleep?

  • Topical apply it, use it internally or inhale via diffusion, essential oil have proven to get you out of sleep deprivation. (2)
  • Research show that topical application is the effective way for people with sleep disorder, because the components residing in essential oil penetrate into the blood stream through skin.
  • A study in the year 2014 state that inhaling essential oil is recommended for people with mild sleep disturbances, as it has no adverse side-effects. (3)
  • A clinical study carried out in 1995 state that people who were dependent on sleeping pills experienced quality sleep after using lavender essential oil.
  • Replacing drugs with essential oil for treating insomnia showed positive results. (4)

Note: Consider consulting physician before taking yourself off of sleeping pills prescribed by practicing physician.

7 Best Essential Oils for Better Sleep Ever

Now that you’ve gone through few scientific claims above, am sure you’re eager to know the list of EO’s.

Secret of using essential oil is to choose the high quality and you should know how to use them.

Oils that may trigger allergic reaction shouldn’t be used.

#1. Lavender Essential Oil

Its every one’s favorite.

Packed with healing, calming aromatic smell, lavender oil is backed with many scientific studies. (5)

Take small amount of this essential oil and apply it on your skin. Or you can use essential oil diffuser to inhale.

#2. Cedarwood EO

This essential oil is said to support healthy functioning of pineal gland that is responsible to release melatonin, the sleeping hormones.

It’s beautiful and cost effective.

If you don’t like its woody smell, then mix it with lavender essential oil and apply to bottom of your feet.

#3. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

“Flower of flowers”, ylang flowers are used to cover beds of newly married couple, as it helps to balance male and female energies.

Consider this oil to diffuse half-an-hour before bed time.

#4. Frankincense Essential Oil

Any other essential oils, frankincense is perfect for healthy sleep, balance emotions, reduce stress, fasten healing and claim your mind.

You can use it topically on your skin or inhale it.

#5. Roman Chamomile

Prominent for its relaxing, soothing and calming abilities, roman chamomile essential oil will create a peaceful atmosphere in your bed room.

It has light, floral scent.

#6. Bergamot Essential Oil

This citrus oil is obtained by cold-pressing of peel or rind. Unlike other essential oils bergamot oil is bright, calming and helps to balance emotions.

However, you must avoid applying bergamot oil while going out, because it makes our skin sensitive.

#7. Sandalwood Essential Oil

If you ask me, sandalwood is my favorite after lavender oil.

I love its aroma. Known for its cosmetic and healing properties, this oil can do wonders.

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