7 Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

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Copious amount of sugar can make your dish delicious, but it isn’t good for your health.

Once you complete with reading this article, it’s difficult that your crave for sugar remains same.

Below are 7 red flags your body sends if you’re ingesting too much sugar.

#1. Skin and Feet Problems (Dark circles under your eyes)

Inflammatory effect in sugar will trigger inflammatory skin ailments.

Anecdotal reports claim that cutting sugar in diet reduced acne, rosacea, eczema and oiliness on skin.

Dr.  Sherri Greene, a podiatrist says that sugar consumption will have inflammatory effect on feet, which results in pain across bottom of your feet.

Copious consumption of sugar will result in adrenal fatigue that may lead to dark circles under eyes.

#2. Weight Gain

With more calories and no fiber, consuming too much sugar will make you eat more often.

It triggers to release insulin, a hormone that plays vital role in weight gain. As you ingest more sugar, more insulin is released resulting in insulin resistance.

This can lead to diabetes.

#3. Lack of Energy and Tiredness

If you’re constantly feeling tired or fatigue, this shows that you’re consuming more sugar.

Though high sugar foods may give you temporary boost, but energy crash after that will make you feel tired. Check your diet and consult physician.

#4. Frequent Colds& Flu

Too much consumption of sugar will weaken your immune system and you get affected by most virus.

Avoid foods that included added sugars.

#5. Sugar Carving

It’s a chain reaction. More you eat more you want to eat.

If you’ve crave towards sweet more than anyone, then you’re addicted to sugar. Stop yourself, else other ailments mentioned above may follow.

#6. Your brain tends to get foggy after meal

Foggy symptom is due to low level of blood sugar levels. When you ingest too much sugar, blood sugar level rise and fall rapidly instead of gradual increase.

#7. Nothing tastes as sweet as it used to be

Too much sugar will kill your taste buds tolerance. So, you need more to satisfy the sweet craving.

With this, you end-up adding more sugar to your diet. If you avoid, initially you may experience it difficult, but soon the taste buds will lower tolerance level.

Note: Do consult expert to change your diet.

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