Gargle With One Simple Ingredient and See What Happens to Your Teeth

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Yellow teeth aren’t going to impress anyone. Though there are bunch of tooth whiteners available in the aisle, they all fail to fulfill their claims.

Apple cider vinegar, which is prominent for its amazing health benefits, can be used as teeth whitener. Packed with pectins, minerals and healthy enzymes, ACV can remove yellow stains, restrain bacteria and whiten your teeth.

apple cider viegar to whiten teeth

What Makes ACV Good for Teeth?

Assorted nutrients in Apple cider vinegar exhibits intense purging ability. Vitamins and minerals in this home available ingredient can restrain gum disease and microbes.

Regular usage of this ingredient will brighten your teeth and avoid bad smell from your mouth.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Teeth Whitening?

Direct use of ACV may irritate your sensitive skin and teeth.

So, dilute it with water and gargle in the morning for a couple of minutes.

Brush after gargle, as usual.

Do this simple remedy regularly for few months to remove stains and whiten teeth.

Tips Before Using Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Excess use of apple cider vinegar will weaken the enamel. Use it once a day.
  • Diluting it with water is must.
  • Shake the bottle before using the vinegar as essential compounds gets settled down.

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