How Stress Affects Gut Health : It’s In Your Gut, Not Your Head

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You’re not alone; about 37% adults in America have reported to have extreme stress.

Stress has become normal with hectic work schedule in 21st century. Studies show that depression can lead to various health ailments including digestion issues.

Research conclude that stress is linked to ailments like heart disease, aging, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and certain type of diseases. (1)

Experts say that stress can trigger or increase autoimmune disease. But, when chronic stress damages your gut health, it leads to gateway for many issues.

How Stress Damages Your Gut?

Your brain and digestive system share a two-way connection. Means, a healthy brain affects your gut and healthy gut affects your mental state.

Physical or emotional situations results in stress, which is processed by adrenal glands by releasing flood of stress hormones.

These hormones affect your immune system and digestive system.

Now-a-days, we all are on long or chronic stress. As we’re not giving enough rest for our body to recover with smart devices and working long hours, high inflammation is triggered that damage gut lining.

Further, whenever stress response kicks digestive system shuts down. This suppression or shut down of digestive system leaves harmful bacteria unchecked.

This results in shortage of good bacteria and excess of yeast or candida growth.

How to Combat Stress to Maintain a Healthy Gut?

It’s nearly impossible to prevent stress in today’s society. However, you must check with the tools that can help you to manage stress and keep it away from causing negative impact on your health.

Below mentioned are few ways to combat stress:

  • Infrared sauna therapy
  • Relax in homemade bath salts
  • Spend time with your family
  • Attend seminar that help you to burst stress
  • Talk to your nearest one

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