How to Use Sesame Oil for Grey Hair – 3 Methods Included

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Grey hair is probably the last thing you’d like to expect in life. With unhealthy diet and genetics, this nightmare is haunting many youngsters. Anecdotal reports state that regular application sesame oil for grey hair works efficiently.

Before you jump to the conclusion that black sesame oil can turn your grey hair to black, remember that it’s not a magic pill. Don’t expect overnight results.

Vitamins and minerals are naturally packed in this oil that can stimulate overall functioning of the hair.

Prominent for its healing properties black sesame oil and seeds has been used to treat ailments. Research back its ability to kill cancer causing agents and restrain yeast infection.

Why My Hair Turns Grey?

Like skin, hair gets its color due to a pigment known as melanin. Hair grows from the dermis layer of the skin. Aging starts when your body fails to produce enough melanin.

According to a research, catalase is an enzyme that breaks hydrogen peroxide in the body. With decrease in this enzyme, hydrogen peroxide buildup and suppress the growth of melanin, which results in grey hair.

Stress, genetics, diseases or ailments, improper diet, age and chemical dyes can also cause premature grey hair.

How Sesame Oil for Grey Hair Works?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine works, regular ingesting of black sesame seeds will improve your skin tone after 1 year, reverse grey hair within 2 years and improve your teeth in 3 years.

Beauty of natural remedies is that they don’t show overnight results. As this natural oil is housed with essential vitamins, it’s nothing harm to include black sesame seeds in your diet.

Like black sesame seeds, white sesame seeds can be ingested. But, experts prefer black sesame seeds for it has more medicinal benefits.

  • Antioxidant activity of white and black sesame seeds can thwart free radicals that turn your hair grey. (source)
  • Medicinal documents of Chinese state that sesame oil can help to reduce grey hair.
  • Internal consumption of black sesame seeds nourish and enhance growth of melanocytes.
  • Application of sesame oil will hydrate your dry scalp and avoid hair breakage.
  • Anti-inflammatory and antiviral activity of sesame oil can reduce inflammation and restrain infection over scalp.
  • Exceptional property of this oil can help to kill lice infection.

Other uses of sesame oil and its seeds include

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties treat acne, premature aging wrinkles and other skin disorders.

Topical application of the oil will lighten dark spots and enhance cell regeneration.

You can get rid of cancer causing agents by internal consumption of black sesame seeds.

How to Use Black Sesame Oil for Grey Hair?

Unlike cosmetic products, there are different ways to use natural ingredients. Beauty experts recommend ingesting and topically applying sesame seed oil.

Recipe: 1 (Honey, Sesame Seeds)

Powder black sesame seeds and mix it with raw honey. Both ingredients are good for your overall health.

Recipe: 2 (Black Sesame Oil)

Cleanse your hair to remove oil or hair dye. When hairs are still damp, apply sesame oil evenly over the scalp and leave it to dry naturally.

Recipe: 3 (Walnut and Sesame Seeds)

Powder 15g of walnut and 15g of black sesame seeds and ingest before going to bed.

Slightly heat black sesame seeds and eat 1 tablespoon of sesame seeds in the morning and in the evening. Along with topical application it’s good to internally use this natural ingredient.

Note: Studies report that stress and anxiety are causing premature grey hair in youngsters. So just by ingesting natural remedies you can’t see the positive change.

Avoid stress and stay peaceful.

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