If You Rub a Freshly Cut Tomato On Your Face for 3 Seconds, Here’s the Incredible Effect

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Apart from using it in salads, you can topically apply tomatoes to treat inflamed acne lesions.


Researchers state that tomatoes are packed with antioxidant, astringent and vitamins that are essential to reduce inflammation.

Salicylic acid, which is commonly present in commercial acne creams, is available in tomatoes.

tomato for acne

National Institute of Health states that acne lesions are triggered due to excess sebum production, hormonal imbalance and inflammation. P.acnes bacteria invade to make the acne worse.

Is Tomato good for Acne?

As mentioned this natural ingredient is packed with exceptional nutrients that are essential to cure acne blemishes.

  • Nutrients in tomato helps to open clogged skin pores, remove impurities and balance pH level of your skin.
  • Vitamin A, C, K, E and B-complex vitamins residing in tomato helps to nourish your skin and shrink large pores.
  • It is also packed with salicylic acid, which is prominent in treating acne.
  • Exfoliating ability of this ingredient will remove dead cells, excess sebum and impurities.
  • Assorted nutrients in tomato will lighten the appearance of acne scars.

RIGHT WAY – How to Use Tomato for Acne Treatment?

Internal consumption and topical application both will help you to treat skin ailments.

Keep it simple, so that you can add it to your beauty regimen.

  1. Slice fresh tomato in 2 equal halves.
  2. Wash your face and pat dry with a clean cloth.
  3. Now, start rubbing sliced tomatoes on your acne affected skin.
  4. This simple recipe will do wonders on minor acne lesions.

To make it more effective, you can try tomato face mask.

People with heavy acne lesions and those who have little time can try this.

Tomato Face Mask

  1. Place fresh tomatoes in hot water for about a minute.
  2. Cool it and peel the skin.
  3. Also remove seeds.
  4. Mash rest of the tomato into smooth paste.
  5. Apply the mask on your acne affected and rinse it off after 10 minutes.

Tomato Juice Face Wash

Wash your face with this juice and you’ll not regret.

Mix tomato juice with few drops of lemon juice.

Wash your face with this solution and allow it to dry for 10 minutes.

Use lukewarm water to rinse it off.

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