Make Mixture Between a Tbsp of Olive Oil And 1 Lemon and You Will Remember Me For the Rest of Your Life

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Using home available ingredients, you can treat various ailments without spending lots of money.

Olive oil and lemon juice are prominent for their nutritional values. Mix them and ingest to see positive change.

Health Benefits of This Remedy

Mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil with 1 tbsp of lemon juice. Consume it 10 minutes before sleeping.

Wonder what this simple remedy can do?

#1. Strengthen Your Nails, Hair and Skin

Nutrients packed in this effective remedy penetrate deep into the nails and skin to strengthen them.

Packed with vitamins and antioxidant ability, olive oil and lemon juice can hydrate your skin and make your hair strong.

Anti-inflammatory property exhibited by this remedy will reduce inflammation and thwart skin ailments.

Topical application of this effective remedy will prevent dandruff and makes your hair shiny.

#2. Fight Constipation

Antioxidants residing in this remedy help to thwart toxins from the body. Nutrients in this drink will lubricate digestive enzymes and improve functioning of bladder.

#3. Reduce Rheumatic and Articular Pains

You can get rid of annoying rheumatic pains by anti-inflammatory property exhibited by olive oil and lemon juice.

#4. Maintains Gallbladder and Liver Functioning

As mentioned above, this remedy can help to expel toxins from gallbladder and liver.

When you feel heavy, tired or swollen, your body gets intoxicated.

#5. Protects Cardiovascular Functioning

High concentration of fatty acids in olive oil removes bad cholesterol, improves blood circulation and provides lots of vitamins.

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