Psychologists’ Advice: 7 Things You Should Never Say to Your Children

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Experts say that children are like sponges, your deeds and words have great impact on their adulthood.

Further researchers state that synapses rate in children is 15,000 synapses a neuron, more than adult’s brain.

Without our knowledge things around us have great impact on behavior. As we see our parents talk and work, we do same thing.

Check these 7 phrases that you should never say to your child.

#7. You Should Listen to Adults

This phrase makes child think that all adults are smart and good, so I need to follow them. It is dangerous.

Correct phrase is – “You need to listen to your parents”. With this child will develop distrust towards strangers and critical thinking.

#6. Stop Crying

This phrase will make child to hide emotions, as he/she thinks that people will scold for showing emotions.

Correct phrase is – “Tell me what’s bothering you”, “why are you crying”. These phrases will allow child to start a conversation.

#5. Don’t Be Greedy

Child may think that I need to share everything; I don’t have anything that’s mine.

Correct phrase is – “Would you let this boy play with your toy for a while”, “how about you swap your toys for a while”

#4. Who taught you this? (Mischief)

Such children will always blame on other for things they came up with.

Correct phrase is – “Why did you do that?” By this you’ll find out whether your child did it himself or someone’s encouraged him.

#3. Look at this lovely girl

Comparing will not help your child to grow. It will have negative impact on his self-esteem.

Correct phrase is – “I love you, you can too do it” – highlight your child’s ability and encourage him.

#2. We’ll talk at home

House becomes a place where your child expects punishment. He/she may thing that you no longer loving them.

Correct phrase is – “Let me tell you what upset me” this will help child to learn about your feeling and ponder in future.

#1. You’re too young to think about this

If you don’t pay attention to share information with your child, then he will get it from other sources.

Correct phrase is – I’m not ready to answer now, I need some time. This will help to hold the authority and the child will not lose trust.

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