Top 8 Foods That Will Make Your Hair Grow Faster

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Desperation or desire to have a new look often compels you to grow hair faster at one or other point.

There are bunch of homemade recipes that claim to be effective in growing hair. Though not all over the internet works, foods you eat has ability to yield positive results, if your strategy is good.

Below mentioned are 8 such foods that are packed with exceptional nutrients that your hair needs to grow faster.

foods for hair growth

8 Best Foods for Hair Growth

#1. Salmon

The fish is packed with vitamin D, proteins and omega- fatty acids that strengthens scalp and promote hair growth.

#2. Yellow Peppers

Experts say that yellow bell pepper has five times more vitamin C in it than oranges. Vitamin C exhibits antioxidant ability, prevents hair damage and strengthens hair follicle.

#3. Oysters

Studies state that deficiency in zinc results in hair loss. Oysters are loaded with lots of zinc that helps in hair regrowth.

But, make sure to prefer oysters caught in Gulf of Mexico, as they have high levels of cadmium.

#4. Eggs

Biotin, which is taken as supplement by many people for hair growth is packed in egg. However, experts say that its egg yolk that promotes growth of hair.

Excess consumption of egg white many block biotin.

#5. Sunflower Seeds

Few seeds of sunflower can supply vitamin E and improve blood circulation to promote hair growth.

#6. Sweet Potatoes

Beta-carotene residing in sweet potato can make your scalp healthy and promote hair growth.

This natural remedy is effective than ingesting supplements.

#7. Avocados

Topical application of avocados can make your skin and scalp moist. It improves elastin and promotes collagen production.

Mix it with sour cream and apply it on prewashed scalp.

#8. Almonds

High levels of vitamins and minerals housed in almonds can improve your overall health. It makes your skin radiant, hair stronger and thwarts ailments.

Add 2 almonds to your diet in the morning.

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