What Your Fingernails Are Warning You About: Organ Failure, Inflammation, or Worse?

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Like skin, nails too tell a lot about your health. Brittle and weak nails indicate certain ailments in your body.

Just check your nails, is there any change in color, can you see lines or ridges on them? These changes may indicate that you’re suffering from serious health problem.

Below mentioned are 8 nail changes that indicate health diseases..

8 Fingernails Warning Sign’s

#1. Thick Nails

Think, smooth and strong nails are perfect. Thickened nails aren’t, they indicate blood circulation issues, fungal infection, thyroid problems, psoriasis or lung disease.

#2. Split Nails

Splitting of fingernails is caused due to malnutrition, deficiency of vitamin C, folic acid and proteins.

#3. Discolored Nails

Your finger and toenails turn yellow due to fungal infection. Whereas white nails may indicate hepatitis and dark strips may related to congestive heart failure.

Blue nails are a sign of low oxygen level and white green nails are due to bacterial infection. Vitamin deficiency results in dull-colored nails.

#4. Concave Nails

Curved nails like a spoon indicate that you’re suffering from iron deficiency, heart diseases, hypothyroidism and heart diseases.

#5. Pitted Nails

Small dips in nails normally associated with psoriasis, problems connective tissues or deficiency in zinc.

#6. Dry Brittle Nails

Brittle nails are often caused by hormonal imbalance, fungal or bacterial infection.

#7. Clubbed Nails

If you’ve clubbed or puffed fingernails, then you might have respiratory disease, liver issues or inflammatory bowel disease.

#8. Ridges

Ridges on your finger and toenails are a sign of iron deficiency, lupus or arthritis. Consult doctor if you see any of the above mentioned signs on your nails.

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