Why Wearing Hair Bands Around Your Wrist Can Be a Dangerous Habit

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No matter how many you buy, we women end-up missing while washing face, combing hair or other while handling daily chores.

Most of us have a habit of wearing hair ties on wrist. But, wearing your hair band on your wrist may trigger infection.

Audree Kopp, a US resident went to bed with hair band on her wrist. She noticed an inflamed bump on her right wrist.

She told WLKY that the bump has grown bigger and turned worse. Antibiotics didn’t help her to reduce this spider-bite like bump.

Finally, she decided to undergo surgery to remove the growing bumps.

Concerned doctor told CBS Local that a bacteria from her hair tie entered skin through hair follicles triggering infection.

If ignored, it can further lead to sepsis, a life-threatening condition resulting in organ failure.

Doctors say that this type of hair band infection is very rare but can happen. On doctor’s advice, Kopp made her mind to never wear hair tie on wrist.

So, ladies please stop wearing hair bands on your wrist. Also, clean hair ties regularly.

Wearing anything tight on hand will block normal blood flow and result in skin breakdown and other vascular problems.

Its recommend to wash all things you wear on the skin.

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