8 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Banana Flower

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They are delicious and good to start your day.

No, am not talking about banana, but its flower. Yes, you can actually ingest the flower, as it is also packed with essential nutrients like fruit.

Eating Banana Flower Can Treat Ailments.

Here you’ll learn about banana flower and a recipe to make at home.

8 Amazing Benefits of Eating Banana Flower

#1 Slows Aging Process

High amount of vitamin C residing in banana flower helps to promote collagen production and elastin. It exhibits antioxidant activity that reduces wrinkles and slow down aging process.

#2 Promotes Healthy Heart

Ingest potassium rich diet has shown to help protect your heart. Like bananas, its flower also contains potassium that reduces blood pressure and risk of cardiac disease.

#3 Treats Infections

Ethanol housed in banana flower exhibits anti-microbial properties that known to thwart infection causing bacteria.

#4 Promotes Relaxation

Stress can trigger major ailments. Unfortunately, in modern life it has become inescapable part of your life. High concentration of magnesium in banana flower help to reduce stress and promotes restful sleep.

#5 Improves Digestion

Issues like upset stomach, heart burn and pure digestion can be reduced by ingesting banana flower because of its fiber content.

#6 Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

People with diabetes face the issue of spiking blood sugar levels. Fiber content in banana flower help to breakdown food gradually and avoid spikes in blood sugar level.

#7 Treats Anemia

Your body needs iron to make enough red blood cells that help to transport oxygen. Banana flower include iron that help to treat anemia.

#8 Supports Menstrual Health

Regular period is a long term health issue for many women. Low progesterone levels are one of the main causes of this issue. Banana flower consumption will help to boost body’s progesterone levels.

Try This Banana Flower Recipe

You’ll need 2 banana flowers, 1 tbsp of butter, onion, ½ pounds of prawns, 5 tbsp of almonds, 1 tsp of lime juice and salt pepper.

Soak banana flower in water overnight. Cook the prawns in butter with pepper and salt. Add grinded almond powder and garnish mint leaves.

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