No One Ever Told You Onions Could Do These Miraculous Things

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Onions belong to allium family. Apart from making your dish delicious, onion has are packed with antiseptic, antibiotic and antioxidant abilities.

Assorted nutrients in this home available ingredient can treat vomiting and boost immune system.

Quercetin, is an antioxidant compound residing in onion that thwart free radicals. Inhaling, onion will help you reduce respiratory issues, as it is a great expectorant.

Ingesting onion is cooked for your heart, to reduce cholesterol, arthritis and for diabetic patients.

Onions For Serious Health Issues

Rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, sulfur, flavonoids, fiber, calcium and antioxidants, onion is powerful like garlic.

Quercetin, residing in onion helps to relieve allergic symptoms by preventing the release of histamine. (1)

Study state that nutrients in onion can treat health issues like asthma, cardiovascular issues and diabetes.

#1 Breakup Chest Congestion: Peel fresh onion and crush it with coconut oil. Apply the mixture of onion and coconut oil on your chest. This will relieve from chest congestion.

#2 Ear Infection: Take a cheesecloth and keep chopped onions in it. Hold the poultice against ear for 30 minutes and then replace after 12 hours with fresh onion.

#3 Fever: You can treat common cold by placing onion slices under your feet. Wrap it with a plastic wrap and wear sock. Remove it in the morning.

#4 Nausea: Prepare peppermint tea and drop few drops of onion juice to it. First drink 2 teaspoons of onion juice and then wait for 5 minutes. Then drink peppermint tea.

#5 Colic: Infant colic can be treated by boiling 4 slices of onion in 2 cups of water. Allow it to cool down. Feed the baby 4 tbsp twice a day during colic attack. Consult pediatrician before trying this.

#6. Cuts: Cover minor injuries with thin onion skin. It will stop infection and bleeding.

Other Uses of Onion

  • Purifier your home by placing sliced onion in your room. It will absorb toxins and strong odor.
  • Spray onion juice with water on clothes to keep bugs away.
  • Cleanse cutting boards and other household things by mixing onion juice with water and vinegar.
  • Avoid rust by rubbing onion juice.
  • Prevent freckles by applying onion juice on the skin.
  • Topical application of onion juice will promote hair growth.

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