RAW Egg Hair Wash for Shiny Hair

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Who is ready to apply foul smelling egg hair mask to obtain shiny hair?

Though, it’s packed with exceptional nutrients that can stimulate hair growth. It’s really difficult to regularly put on raw egg on scalp.

Fortunately, beauty experts have a solution for this. Stay with me to know the trick.

Before that, let me list out benefits that you can reap from this egg hair wash.

Egg Hair Wash Benefits

  • Fatty acids, essential proteins and assorted vitamins residing in egg mask help to promote hair growth.
  • Protein, vitamins and folic acid housed in egg yolk make your hair shiny.
  • Egg whites are packed with traces of niacin, sodium, potassium and magnesium that stimulate hair growth.
  • Hydrating ability of this hair mask will keep your scalp moisturized and you can avoid using cosmetic conditioners.
  • Like your shampoo, egg hair wash will remove impurities and dirt from your scalp.

How to Use Raw Egg for Hair Wash?

An easy or simple recipe is to wash your scalp with water. Take 1 egg and apply it on your scalp.

Gently massage at hair roots so that vitamin residing in this natural ingredient affect your hair in positive way.

After 20 minutes, rinse it off with cold water.

To avoid the foul smell

Mix honey or aloe vera gel and peppermint essential oil with egg. You can also mix lemon juice with egg hair wash.

Other ingredients that you can include are olive oil, apple cider vinegar and aloe juice.

To remove the smell, you can just wash your hair with lemon juice.

Essential oils are renowned for their aromatic smell. Apply 1-2 drops diluted essential oil.

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