17 Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain Relief

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It’s a trial and error method before you find the best way to get rid of back pain.

Many people reach for multifaceted approach to cure back pain. But, traditional medication can only focus on anatomical issues.

Studies show that lower back pain is the number one reason to take doctor’s appointment, next to diabetes. Researchers say that sitting is more dangerous than smoking. It is the new smoking.

Computer-centered sedentary lifestyle is one of the common causes of lower back pain.

How to Get Rid of Back Pain?

Best remedy may come from a combination of different ways back pain relief. It also depends on location, cause and severity of the pain.

If you find any approach to be working, then stick to that same remedy even after pain relief. Continuous approach will help to prevent back pain further.

List of 17 Home Remedies for Back Pain Relief

#1 Stretching

This will help your muscles to loosen muscles that are tight. Try back stretches to get rid of back pain and to prevent further pains.

#2 Stand–Sit Up Straight

If your job is to sit hours together in front of computer screen, then take regular intervals by standing and stretching your hands.

#3 Change Sleeping Position

Sleeping on stomach isn’t recommended. Either sleep on your right side or back facing upwards.

#4 Massage

Once in a week get massage from a professional. Studies show that people who get regular massages report less back pain than the people who don’t.

#5 Acupressure

Clinical studies also back acupressure on treating back pain. But, make sure to get treated by qualified practitioner.

#6 Ointments and Muscle Rub

This is one of the effective ways to cure lower back pain temporarily. Ask your partner to rub ointment on affected area before going to bed. This will work effectively.

#7 Epsom Salt Bath

This will give you a relaxing experience. Add 2 cups of Epsom salt with few drops of lavender essential oil to your bath tub. Soak your body in the tub for few minutes before bath.

#8 Scale Back Exercise Routine

Sometimes, extensive gym can result in back pain. So, you need to scale it down. Try to avoid heavy or extensive working.

#9 Maintain Strong Core

Regularly exercise focusing on strong core can help to reduce lower back pain and upper back pain.

#10 Try Hot/Cold Therapy

Place hot substances on lower back will stimulate blood circulation with healing properties to the area. It can also block pain causing signals to travel.

Cold therapy is like temporary local anesthetic approach. Place the hot or cold packs on lower back for not more than 15 minutes.

#11 Stretch Hamstrings

Hamstrings exert lot of force on your lower back and pelvis. Stretching hamstrings will help you to relieve from lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain.

#12 Choose Natural Painkillers

Apart from using over-the-counter medications, try to use natural remedies like menthol rub balm or other natural incorporated ointments.

#13 Change Your Shoe Size

Sometimes it takes only to change your pair of shoes. Women with high heels may experience lower back and ankle pain.

#14 Yoga

Yoga is better than conventional methods to cure back pain.

Stretching, hamstring strengthening and other asana in yoga improve your mental and physical state.

#15 Shed Weight

Over weight can affect all aspects of your health. Standing and working may results in lower back pain in obese people.

Excess fat around abdomen strain your lower back and knees.

#16 Limit Spending Time on Screen

I hope you don’t need any study to believe that spending longer time on computer and mobile screen can have negative impact on your health.

You posture while watching videos or playing games on your droid has direct impact on your back pain.

#17 Focus on Your Mental Health

One study showed that person who has poor mental health is 3 times more likely to report back pain.

There is a strong relation between unstable mental health and physical pain. Opt for conventional methods to improve your mental health.


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