7 Beauty Benefits of Rice Water That You Shouldn’t Miss

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After washing the rice, don’t throw out the remaining water. Though most people think it has useless water, it is packed with exceptional cosmetic benefits.

From centuries rice water has been used by Asian people to keep the skin youthful and well hydrated.

Women in Huangluo, a village in China has extremely long shiny and thick hair, because they wash their scalp with rice water.

You can make this chemical free beauty recipe at home.

How to Make Rice Water at Home

Take ½ cup of uncooked rice with 2cups of water.

Method: 1 (No-boil Quick Method)

To remove dirt and impurities, rinse rice in a cup of water.

  • Add 2 cups of water to ½ cup of rice
  • Cover it with a lid and let it soak for 15 minutes
  • Strain the rice water in a clean bowl to use it on your face.

Method: 2 (Boiled Rice Water)

Cook rice as you usually do. (Add enough water)

  • Strain cooked rice and collect vivid white colored water.
  • Cool it down and use it for treating ailments and to obtain whitening skin.

7 Awesome Beauty Benefits of Rice Water

There are many, but I prefer to list only seven of them.

#1 Skin Toner

Nutrients in the rice water help to tone your skin and keep it glowing. Repeated use of this water will make your skin supple.

#2 Treat Acne

Dip cotton ball into rice water and apply it as a spot treatment on acne. Assorted properties residing in it helps to reduce inflammation and fade scars.

#3 Reduce Large Skin Pores

Large skin pores ruins aesthetic appearance of your face.

Topical application of the rice water using a cotton ball will help to shrink large skin pores and tightens them.

It makes your skin firm and youthful.

#4 Makes Your Skin Bright

Replace those media promoted beauty products with this homemade ingredient to lighten your skin.

Regularly wash your face with rice water for a month you’ll see the positive change.

#5 Soothe Sunburn

Anti-inflammatory and cooling elements housed in rice water can effectively help to fasten the healing process of minor sunburns.

#6 Treats Eczema

Topical application of rice water can help to prevent inflammation triggered by eczema.

However, it can permanently cure the ailment.

#7 Hair Mask

Packed with vitamins and minerals, rice water can help to hydrate and stimulate hair growth.

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