Home Remedies to Treat Eczema – 5 DIY Recipes

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Eczema is a chronic skin disease which makes skin itchy, dry and you may also get red flare ups on face. The actual cause for eczema is unknown. Anyway, scientists after few studies confirm that it’s hereditary (one among the causes).

Whatever the reason it’s not possible to cure eczema permanently, anyway you can reduce its affect by following prescribed medicines. But, unfortunately these medicines prescribed by dermatologists are not working for everyone. First thing is, they’re pricey and takes long time to soothe, few people shared their experience that when they gave up medicines to natural home remedies they got immediate effect (small) and continuing it helped them to get rid of all flare-ups.

How to Get Rid of Eczema at Home?

Some got results with Vaseline cream, some with Aloe Vera and few more recommended water with lemon. Anyway here in this post we’ll be sharing few important home available remedies which have ability to curb this skin disease.

#1 Look what you’re eating

Skin is the largest organ of elimination – means what you eat will be reflected on your skin. So, it’s important to change your diet. Taking wrong food can trigger or increase eczema.

#2 Avoid grain-fed meat to grass-fed meat.

Include vitamins, minerals and nutritional items in your diet.
Take high amount of food with Omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, walnuts, avocados, eggs and hemp seeds.
Giveaway chemically sprayed food items.

#3 And do regular exercise

Now, after following rich diet consider any of the below mentioned remedies to treat eczema.

Home Remedies for Treating Eczema

1. Aloe Vera gel with Vitamin E oil

For years Aloe Vera plant was included in healing and used as medicine. It can be consumed or applied on the affected part. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids. These vitamins and minerals help to heal wounds, remove unwanted wrinkles, fight bacteria to relieve from itching and many other benefits to make the skin tone smooth.

Aloe Vera is well known adaptogen, which can boost immune system.

Antipruritic property of Aloe Vera helps you to get rid of itchiness.

Coming to Vitamin E, it’s well known for boosting immune system, preventing heart stokes and cure few cancers. Though it has many benefits, you need to consult a doctor before using it because, it’s heavy. It can break out more if you’re prone to break outs.

Like vitamin E its oil has a bunch of benefits. To get most of vitamin E and to stay away from its side effects follow below tips.

  • Apply vitamin E oil at night.
  • Combine it with vitamin C to make a sunscreen remedy.
  • It increases blood circulation, so apply it on excessive dry areas.
  • Dryness stimulates itching which may turn to eczema or other chronic disease.
  • Combine Aloe Vera gel with Vitamin E oil

You can use any one of them. But combining both is recommended.

  • Slice off an outer leaf of aloe plant.
  • Scoop out the gel using spoon or knife.
    Now, mix vitamin E oil and vitamin C powder.
  • Blend all of them.
  • Collect the solution in a jar and apply it on the affected parts regularly.

2. Gentian Tincture

Gentian is a root plant used for medicine. Small amount of a medicine mixed with alcohol is known as tincture. It’s used to cure digestion problem, gastritis and vomiting.

It’s also applied on skin to treat wounds.

You can get Gentian tonic from local store or online store.

Take few drops of it before meals, this eliminates toxins which irritates the skin, through digestive system.

3. Mashed Up Carrots

Carrots are rich source of vitamins which helps in cancer prevention, beta-carotene in carrots are converted to vitamin A which helps in good vision and healing. Antioxidants and vitamin A in carrots protects skin from sun rays giving a natural glow to your skin. It flushes out the toxins which can irritate skin.

  • Peel three organic carrots boil them and blend them to make soft paste.
  • Apply this carrot paste to your face and skin where you’ve flare ups.
  • Rinse off with cool water.

4. Coconut oil

If you’re fed-up of buying those pricey eczema creams try this home available oil. It lightens the age spots when applied on skin and is a best moisturizer. Mix with equal parts with sugar and keep it for shower (body scrub). (Read about face scrub)

Not only eczema it can also soothe psoriasis.

5. Chamomile Tea

In US, it’s best known as an ingredient in herbal tea. But Chamomile has been used as a medicine to settle stomach and to reduce anxiety.

This herbal tea can boost your immune system, insomnia and much more.

Stress is of the cause of eczema and this herbal tea can reduce both stress and help fight bacteria by boosting your immune system.

  • Apply steeped chamomile herb leaves on eczema affected part and leave it for about 20 minutes. You can apply more than twice per day.
  • There are many other home available remedies which include almond oil, cucumber, juniper berry, calendula lotion and many more.
  • But there are few more things to keep in mind.

Important Tips

  • Don’t wear synthetic clothes, which irritate your skin.
  • Minimize stress.
  • Avoid fragrance ingredient soaps; this will irritate your skin.
  • Use humidifier in your room in winter.
  • Avoid hot water, bath with lukewarm water.
  • Apply moisturizers after bath.

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