How to Grow Your Own Unlimited Supply of Turmeric At Home

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Medical reports state that turmeric is housed with 600 different therapeutic and preventive abilities. Antiseptic and antibacterial properties residing in this spice help to fasten the healing process of wounds.

Anti-inflammatory ability housed in turmeric, which rival ibuprofen can reduce inflammation.

Renowned for its nutritional properties, you can grow 100% pure turmeric at home.

How to Plant Turmeric Indoors?

Just like ginger turmeric grown from root cutting. You need a turmeric root to start, which you can find from your local health store.

Follow these steps to grow turmeric in your garden.

  • Cut large rhizome that has 2 to 3 buds into small pieces.
  • Fill plant pots with organic soil (lightly moist and well drained).
  • Now, plant rhizome pieces about 2 inches below the surface of the soil.
  • Buds must be facing upwards.
  • When you’re done, water the container.

How to Water Turmeric?

Depending on the climate you live, water less in cooler climates.

Water once for every two days, or you can mist using a spray bottle. Turmeric likes water.

How to Harvest Turmeric?

Its leaves and stems are also edible. However, most people harvest this spice for its root.

It normally takes 8 to 10 months to grow to mature turmeric root.

Dip and take rhizomes, save few small pieces to plant in coming season. Change the soil in the pot and plant again.

Tips to Store and Use Turmeric

This root must be stored in cool and dry place.

  • To use, boil the root for 45 minutes.
  • Dry the boiled root for about a week.
  • Peel the root by wearing rubber gloves to avoid yellow stains.
  • Now, grind the root to obtain lovely spice.

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