How to Prevent Neck Wrinkles With These Simple Tips

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If you think neck wrinkles are inevitable, am afraid you’re wrong.

Premature neck wrinkles are not natural; when you don’t practice or take care of skin under neck, sagging or wrinkles appear. Anyway we agree that wrinkles start appearing as you grow. But there are bunch of natural ways through which you can postpone wrinkles from appearing.

Let’s look on what’s causing neck wrinkles.

Face and neck are most exposed parts of the body. They’re exposed to pollution, dirt and sun rays. Which makes skin dry and UV rays speedup the breakdown of collagen. Collagen production is directly proportional to wrinkles, in old age when collagen production slows down wrinkles start appearing. (Collagen is an abundant protein which is said to hold body together, it’s present in blood vessels, skin and in cornea of the eye)

Smoking. Chemicals and toxins in cigars develop wrinkles on any parts of the body. Only way to reduce wrinkles in this condition is to give up smoking.

Weight changes are another cause of wrinkles on neck. Fluctuation in gaining or losing weight will develop wrinkles. Though collagen bounce back to make the skin tight, frequent changing in weight make it difficult for your skin to spring back, thus forming wrinkles on most parts of the body including neck.

While watching TV or on computer practice a good posture. If needed place the screen to your eye sight level using books or any other object. Because this poor posture normally leaves marks on neck. Also, while sleeping take care to place pillow in good posture.

Aging is another cause of neck wrinkles.

How to Prevent Neck Wrinkles?

If you follow remedies to take care of your neck like you do to your face, easily you can prevent and treat wrinkles. Here are few important tips to reduce and prevent neck wrinkles.

  1. Wash your neck with a moisturizing soap; avoid soaps with fragrances as they may stripe natural moisture from skin.
    After washing your neck apply moisturizing cream when skin is still damp and don’t rub hard with towel just pat dry. You can also try homemade moisturizing creams.
  2. As mentioned above, too much exposure to sun results in neck wrinkles, apply sunscreen cream to protect your skin from UV rays. It’s recommended to aim sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.
  3. Take vitamin C and E rich diet to build collagen, which makes your skin youthful.
  4. Regular exercises help good blood circulation and improve oxygen flow into tissues. This helps to flush away toxins which may deplete collagen.
  5. For serious wrinkle problems you can opt for surgery but they are very pricey and tend to have side-effects.

Consult a dermatologist for diagnosis.


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