How to Treat Chemical Burns at Home?

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You shouldn’t rely on one single remedy for treating chemical burns. Different chemicals have different reactions and it must be treated accordingly. Else you may end-up with counter reaction.

What Causes Chemical Burns?

Causes of chemical burns include tile cleanser, battery acid, cement and gasoline. Depending on the chemical, small blisters may rise on the affected area. Immediate first aid must be given to stop further reaction and have to rush to get a medical attention.

How to Treat Chemical Burns?

  • Getaway from the location to stop further burns and don’t allow anyone to enter that location.
  • Wearing gloves brush the chemical substances on affected area.
  • For quick relief from pain or burning sensation, run cool water on affected area. Avoid placing ice cubes or extremely cool water. And don’t rinse the affected part.
  • As it’s a chemical burn and these chemicals left behind may react with the ornaments present on your body it’s recommended to remove jewellery or other metal substances.
  • To restrain further reaction wrap affected area with sterilized gauze.

According to University of Maryland Medical Center burns heal on their own, but if you have experienced sever burn, then avoid applying any ointments and rush to get a medical attention, because you’re not aware of the chemicals involved in burn which mat counter react with the medicine, it’s not recommended to apply any ointments at home without doctor’s prescription.


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