How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Fight Eczema Naturally?

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Apple cider vinegar is the most popular natural remedy used for eczema. Eczema is a skin disease identified by skin inflammation of epidermis which results in rashes and itching of the skin.

Approximately 3% of adults and 20% of children in America are affected with this disorder.

Eczema is caused due to the hypersensitivity reaction of the allergen, it is not so contagious and there is no possible cure.Symptoms of eczema include itching, swelling, blistering, cracking and bleeding of the affected skin.

Apple cider vinegar helps to fight with Eczema as it contains anti bacterial, anti fungal properties and immune boosting mineral salts.

The liquid is made from combining water and acetic acids which is produced from the fermentation of ethanol. The fermentation is due to the acetic acid bacteria and germs.

This is commonly used in foods, medicines and industries. It even covers the health and beauty purpose.

How to use apple cider vinegar for eczema?

Apple cider vinegar can be used externally and internally as per our convenient for treating eczema.


1. Dilute ACV:

Mix equal amount of apple cider vinegar and water and by using a cotton ball and apply it on the affected area.

Repeat it twice regularly for good results.

Alternatively it can be pour in to an empty spray bottle and sprits the affected area.

2. ACV bath:

ACV bath will help you to remove the dead skin cells from your body and restores the skin moistures.

Add 3 cups of ACV to warm water and soak the affected area for 30 minutes, repeat this process for 3 times in a week.


#1. Apple cider vinegar with baking soda:

You need:

2 table spoon of Apple cider vinegar

¼ table spoon of baking soda

Glass of water

What you need to do?

Mix the ingredients well and once the fizzing stops drink the solution and repeat this on regular basis for beneficial results.

#2. Apple cider vinegar with honey:

You need:

2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar

1 table spoon of raw honey

One table spoon of maple syrup

Glass of warm water

What you need to do?

Mix all the ingredients in the warm water and stirred it well and drink this solution three times daily 30 minutes before eating the meals.

Alternatively you can add ACV to vegetable juice or fresh juice instead of water.

Side effects of apple cider vinegar for eczema:

Some people experience stinging and burning after applying it to the skin.

For some people the skin will seem more irritated or flaky with the use of ACV.

If this happens to you, then reduce the amount of apple cider vinegar or try another natural remedy instead of this.


  • Always use dilute vinegar before any application because it causes burning and stinging sensation in the skin.
  • Avoid harsh soaps and detergents when you are suffering from eczema.
  • Vinegar is a drying agent so use a moisturizer after any of these methods.
  • If you are using any medications consult your doctor before consuming vinegar.


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