Is Cucumber Good for Acne?

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Cucumbers are filled with enough water that it can hydrate your body internally and topically. To hydrate my body I regularly munch sliced cucumbers and off-course I place these cool pieces over my eyes. It relaxes my strained eyes.

Not just this, nutrients like thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, folic acid and calcium enhance healthy functioning of the skin and thwarts acne causing bacteria. You can use cucumber face mask for treating acne blemishes. Blend it with other natural ingredients or simply start rubbing sliced cucumber over lesions. This is the easiest way to relief from inflammation and itching instantly.

Before we dwell into benefits of cucumber face mask, let me put down few facts about acne or pimples.

Most people hold P.acnes as the culprit for blemishes, but the fact is inflammation is the mere cause of acne. Hormonal imbalance stimulates sebaceous glands to produce excess sebum, which gets blocked at skin pores by dead cells. When you pay no attention to wipe these impurities, blackheads or whiteheads appear. Mean while P.acnes bacteria habitat on your sebum and skin cells.

Cucumber Face Mask for Acne

Acne isn’t associated with any serious health concern. But, who’s going to love those red bumps filled pus. It’s a cosmetic and social concern. I don’t recommend cosmetic creams as they may trigger contact dermatitis. (source)

Natural remedies like cucumber, jojoba oil and olive oil can enhance collagen production and stop excess production of sebum. If in case they fail to work, you don’t have to deal with serious allergies because these ingredients have zero or minor side-effects.

What properties in cucumber mask can help you to treat acne?

  • Innate cooling effect of cucumber will soothe acne inflammation, redness and irritation.
  • Cucumber juice helps to unclog the blocked pores and cleanse impurities accumulated over the skin. Asha Pran quoted this in her book Diamond Beauty Guide.
  • Vitamin E residing in this cuke will enhance collagen production, improves elasticity and fasten the healing process of blemishes.
  • Astringent activity of cucumber face mask helps to clear pimples and stop new pimples from growing.
  • Antioxidant agents kill free radicals that damage cell membrane and ruins skin’s healthy functioning.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties reduce acne inflammation and pain.
  • Repeated use of cucumber can lighten acne scars.

Include Cucumber in Your Diet to Treat Acne

Am not exaggerating, cucumber is filled with essential nutrients and vitamins that hydrates your body; it helps flush free radicals and combat acne. Your skin is just like a mirror, your diet and health progress can be seen over your skin.

So it would be great if you consume chopped cucumber or have its juice. Assorted nutrients in this juice can aid in weight loss and constipation. My mother used to serve me a bunch of sliced cucumber with little salt on it regularly.

#1 Cucumber and Lemon Face Mask

Peel the cucumber skin and chop them into pieces. Blend cucumber pieces with few drops of lemon juice. Anti-bacterial and bleaching properties of this mask will heal acne and lighten their appearance.

Before applying the mask, wash your face with warm water or expose it to steam. So that the blocked skin pores will open up; pat dry your face and apply cucumber and lemon face mask evenly. Let it dry naturally, and then rinse it off.

#2 Cucumber Slices

Cleanse your face to wipe the impurities off it and pat dry with soft cloth. Take sliced cucumber and gently rub over the affected area. Repeat this process regularly as a spot treatment.

If you want to try something effective, then blend cucumber with raw honey. Antibacterial and antiseptic activity of raw honey will soothe acne and makes your skin supple.

#3 Consider manuka honey to treat acne

Peel the cucumber skin and slice them into pieces. Blend cucumber pieces with honey and lemon (optional). Cleanse the face as mentioned in the above recipe and apply the face mask.

Natural remedies are effective but sometimes take time to show positive results. Add this quick beauty recipe to your regimen and change your diet.

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