Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

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Studies carried out in 2008 states that about 32 percent people in the US alone suffer from high blood pressure.

Harvard study states that about 15 percent of deaths in the United States are due to blood pressure.

What is Blood Pressure?

Systolic and diastolic pressure combines to form blood pressure. In a 130/80 reading of blood pressure, 130 is Systolic pressure and 80 is diastolic pressure.

High blood pressure results in aneurysms, kidney failure, cognitive decline and heart stroke.

Using medications prescribed by physician can lower your blood pressure, but they come with side-effects like insomnia, dizziness and legs cramps.

Instead, you can opt for natural remedies to reduce blood pressure.

Before that let me write few causes of blood pressure:

  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Obesity
  • High intake of salt
  • Kidney disease
  • Genetics
  • No physical activity


You can find huge list of remedies for this health disorder, but let’s stick with the important and effective ways.

#1. Ingest Mediterranean- Style Diet

Mediterranean diet includes fruits, sea foods and vegetables that are high in omega-3 fat oils.

Olive oil, flaxseeds, fruits, vegetables and salmon can help you to lower your blood pressure.

#2. Consume Fish Oil (Supplement)

Inflammation in arteries is one of the main causes of blood pressure. Studies show that fish oil that contains EPA and DHA can reduce this inflammation.

Consume 1,000mg fish oil supplement recommended by physician to lower the blood pressure.

#3. Be Smart with Salt Intake

Half a teaspoon of salt contains 1200 mg of sodium.

Experts say that African Americans, who’ve family history of high blood pressure, must reduce this intake and come down to 1500 mg per day.

#4. Consume Herbal Tea

A study states that participants who consumed hibiscus tea for 6 weeks effectively got lowered their blood pressure.

This tea is packed with phytochemicals that is known to reduce high blood pressure.

Add to add other herbs to this tea to make it more effective.

#5. Physical Activity (Power Walks)

Power walks can reduce blood pressure by significant number.

Physical activity helps to use oxygen effectively and doesn’t pump the blood hard.

#6. Breathe Deeply

Slow breathing, meditation and yoga helps to reduce stress hormones. These stress hormones elevate rennin that raises blood pressure.

Try stress busting yoga poses.

#7. Maintain Ideal Weight

It’s crucial to maintain healthy weight.

Obesity leads to main health and skin related ailments. Blood pressure, heart stroke and other ailments are triggered due to heavy weight.

Losing weight will decrease strain on your arteries.


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