Unbelievable Power of Beetroot: Cures 12 Diseases

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To reap its assorted nutrients, the ancient Romans and Greeks have used beetroot.

Packed with zinc, magnesium, iodine, sodium, calcium, natural nitrites, chlorine and betaine, beetroot can treat kidney stones and flush toxins from lymph system and gallbladder.

Apart from health benefits, topical application of this home available ingredient will improve your skin texture.

12 Diseases that Beetroot Can Treat

Benefits of this vegetable are numerous, but below mentioned are most common ailments that we experience.

#1 Reduce Blood Pressure

Nitrate packed in beet juice can reduce blood pressure. Regular consume 2 glasses of beetroot juice and your blood pressure will be reduced gradually.

#2 Improve Blood Flow

The same nitrates are converted to nitrites because of mouth bacteria. This then boost blood flow.

#3 Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is held responsible for various skin ailments including acne and eczema. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities residing in beetroot help to reduce inflammation.

#4 Treats Constipation

Ingesting beetroot juice will improve functioning of your digestive system, thus treats constipation issue.

#5 Can Prevent Cancer

Studies state that anti-tumor ability residing in beetroot can prevent cancer causing tumor and help in cell regeneration.

#6 Detoxify Liver

Betaine residing in this vegetable helps to remove toxins from liver and improve its overall functioning.

#7 Can Treat Menstrual Disorder

High amount of iron in beetroot helps in regeneration of red blood cells. It can treat menstrual disorder and menopause symptoms.

#8 Can Treat Iron Deficiency

As mentioned above, rich concentration of iron help to treat anemia and other health related issues.

#9 Improves Healthy Functioning of Your Skin

Anti-aging abilities exhibited by beetroot helps to reduce wrinkles and make the skin flawless.

#10 Avoid Birth Defects

Folate and folic acid housed in this vegetable helps to prevent birth defects. Pregnant woman must consume it in moderate amount.

#11 Benefit Your Muscles

Assorted nutrients residing in beetroot juice helps to strengthen muscles and achieve better athletic results.

#12 Improves Your Mental State

Tryptophan and betaine in beetroot juice help to relax your mind and lift your mood.


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