What Causes Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

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Though many of us knew and practiced some remedies to get rid of dark circles, very few among us know about its causes.

First of all let me clear that all dark circles aren’t same. There are 4 types of dark circles, which we will be discussing in this article. Without knowing the cause curing is a bit tough task. So, before you go with a remedy confirm the cause of dark circles.

When you get to root of the cause, you can easily treat them by selecting the right medicine or remedy.

Note: Before proceeding further look at your dark circles in mirror and confirm which type of dark circles you’ve.

1. Reddish Circles Under Eyes

Skin under eyes is very thin (0.5 mm) compared to other parts of the body (2 mm). Your skin becomes thinner as it ages. The red or purple circles you see under eyes are blood vessels. Genetics may also cause reddish circles.


  • Apply retinol-based cream around eyes, it makes the skin thick.
  • If you don’t see any change, talk to dermatologist.

2. Bluish Under Eye Circles

When blood becomes less oxygenated they turn to dull blue color. Your lifestyle is to be blamed for this. Stress, lack of sleep is main causes of bluish circles under eyes. When you get up after a late night sleep you’ll have puffy eyes. Other causes include allergies and nasal decongestion.


  • Just like food your body needs sleep to function properly. Get enough sleep.
  • You can apply moisturizers to around eyes to minimize lines.

3. Black or Brownish Under Eye Circles

Genetics are main cause of brownish circles under your eyes. Asians and Afro-Americans are prone to this type of dark circles. Dark to medium color appears under eyes depending on your skin tone.


You’ve little to do with it. Anyway practice this.

  • Apply sunscreen while going out.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Stay away from UV or other radiations.
  • Apply moisturizers at night.
  • You can hide these dark circles with a cream.

4. Shadow Under Eyes

Here, discoloration is not to be blamed. Loss of facial volume causes a valley between eyes and cheek fat pads, making it hollow and dark.


You can’t treat this with pricey skin products. Try to plump up the lost fat pad between the eye and cheeks with fillers; this will immediately improve the appearance.

Consult a doctor before opting for a remedy.

Wrap up

Main causes of dark circles include:

Environmental Exposure : When your skin gets exposed to sun or UV rays, smokes and other pollutants collagen gets damaged. Skin under eyes are first place to see the damage. Applying sunscreen creams and staying away from these rays will help you to some extent.

Melanin: Excess melanin is another cause of dark circles. Usually this is hereditary so you’ve little to stop it. Anyway you can try pricey treatments to get rid of them.

Aging: When skin ages it becomes thinner, lines starts developing.


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