7 Ways To Help Your Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

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Swelling of feet is very common while pregnant. There are few women whose feet swell to the point that they can barely walk.

Though some may see mild swelling, no pregnant woman can escape this phase. Fortunately, you can reduce or even prevent swelling of feet with simple things that are mentioned below.

7 Ways to Reduce Swelling of Feet While Pregnant

#1 Drink Enough Water

Drinking enough water will helps to remove toxins from your body and kidney.

#2 Keep Your Feet Up

Elevate your feet so that gravity helps blood to flow back to your legs. While working, try to elevate your feet few inches above the floor.

#3 Avoid Prolonged Sitting or Standing at One Place

Don’t sit at one place for longtime. Take breaks by walking sitting for every few minutes here and there.

#4 Exercise Regularly

Take your Doctor’s approval before practicing any physical exercises.

Physical activity like walking will help to improve blood circulation and avoid swelling.

#5 Don’t Wear Tight Shoes

Wearing tight shoes will prevent blood from circulating in that area and may result in swelling.

#6 Avoid Junk Foods and Eat Healthy

This goes for everyone who wants to live a healthy life. Cut junk foods from your diet and you’ll be free from a bunch of health disorders.

However, if you’ve crave for candy bar, have it in limited amount.

#7 Sleep on Your Left Side

Sleeping on left side will reduce pressure on inferior vena cava and this will help blood to flow freely through the body.


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